Amazon Launches WiiU Streaming App

Joining both YouTube and Netflix is now Amazon, who on Friday announced that they have created an app for the brand new Nintendo WiiU, which launched last weekend in the United States. Amazon Instant Video, an app designed to bring Amazon’s massive catalog of television shows and movies can now be instantly watched via your WiiU. The content is the same as any other version of the app, and those with an Amazon Prime subscription will be able to continue to enjoy streaming content for free.

The app is not just a simple port, and was been designed specifically for the Nintendo WiiU. Features include smart lists that label recently viewed content and genre recommendation pages that will allow users to discover new content. The app also utilizes the WiiU GamePad controller, which provides users with a unique second-screen companion experience and yes, playback can be done on the GamePad screen.

Other features included are robust parental controls and a unique “kid zone” that you can limit what kind of content your children have access to. The app can be downloaded directly to your WiiU and works immediately. For those who are enjoying YouTube and Netflix the Amazon app should be a welcome addition to your console.

The video streaming apps should at least fill the void left from Nintendo’s own TVii service, which was not ready for launch when the console hit stores in North American last week. The service will provide users with a one-stop-shop for their favorite shows, while doubling as a programming guide as well. Once live users will be able to search for a show and then choose which platform they would like to view the programming.

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  1. Trev
    Trev November 25, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Looking forward in getting this App

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