Amazon Instant Video Streaming App Comes To PS3 Console

Playstation 3 owners can now tap into the thousands of Amazon TV show and movie titles to stream on their games console, as Amazon’s prime and pay-on-demand video service comes to Sony’s machine.

PS3 gets Amazon first

The service can be accessed from an app on the PS3 and if users are already prime members, the content of around 17,000 titles is available for free, and access will also be available for pay-as-you-view content.

Amazon will be giving away a free TV show to celebrate the launch via the app which will be ‘prominently’ displayed on US consoles, and members get to choose from 120,000 plus movies and TV shows to rent or buy.

The move marks the first time that Amazon’s streaming service has been made available on a console and will be a blow to Netflix who have a big presence and dependence on consoles.

The move comes just a day after Netflix stock was downgraded as a direct response to growing competition from companies such as Amazon.

The app is just in time as well, with Microsoft’s xBox 360 launching a handful of new apps over the past week. In a blitz, MLB TV, HBO Go and Comcast’s Xfinity TV app were released for xBox 360 Live. The fact that Amazon’s app is a single app, while the xBox 360 has a few to choose from may help the PS3. Keeping everything together in the 1 app is certain to make it easier for users to access the content.

In terms of premium content, Vudu and CinemaNow are already on the PS3, and these offer similar content to Amazon. The pricing is also similar for Amazon and Vudu.

More details on the app and availability are on the Amazon website

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    Ashely April 18, 2012 at 12:09 am

    amazon instant video has a simple mechanism and is widely used everywhere today.

    PlayStation also has brought amazon application on PS3.. Check out more at:

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