Amazon Grab Stream Rights To CBS Stephen King Show ‘Under The Dome’

Stephen King fans looking to watch the TV show adaptation of best selling novel, ‘Under The Dome’ via online streaming, will soon be able to watch it on Amazon Prime Instant after a deal was confirmed with CBS TV.

Under the Dome coming to Amazon VOD

Under the Dome coming to Amazon VOD

The coming show will be a collaboration between CBS TV and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, the new show will air on CBS TV starting June 24. And just four days after that, the series will be available for streaming to Amazon Prime members.

Under the Dome, is set in the standard fictional town of Maine in New England that mysteriously gets cut off from the world by a giant invisible dome. The show will be available to Amazon Prime members a mere four days after CBS air the episodes.

The show can be streamed on-demand on a number of connected devices running the Amazon Instant Video app, such as iPad, Kindle Fire, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii U.

And if your not a Prime member and do not want the features (such as 36,000 movies and TV shows to watch instantly) that come with the $79 yearly cost, then you will be happy to know you can just buy/rent/download the show using Amazon Instant Video.

The news was revealed in an Amazon press release, and follows shortly after news that they have secured exclusive streaming rights for the PBS series Downtown Abbey.

Speaking about the deal Scott Koondel, Chief Corporate Content Licensing Officer of CBS Corporation said, “Amazon has the distinct combination of having a terrific video service with a huge fan base among their customers for Stephen King’s book, making them the perfect partner for this summer programming event. With this innovative agreement, we’re giving fans more options to watch and stay current with this serialized series, and doing so in a way that protects the Television Network’s C3 advertising window.”

For Amazon Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition said, “With creative forces of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television behind Under the Dome, we think our customers will love this new show and we’re excited to be able to offer this highly-anticipated series at no additional cost to Prime members. Adding a current season major network TV series like Under the Dome to the Prime Instant Video library so shortly after its live airing enables us to increase our exclusive selection of great TV shows and give customers access how, when and where they want to watch it.”

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