Amazon Creating Android Set-Top Box Challenger?

Having already successfully entered the e-reader and tablet computer markets in recent years, the Amazon brand is set to be heading further into the realms of electronic devices, with the rumors of a new smartphone being joined by recent hints that they will be releasing a ‘TV set-top box’.

amazon_streaming_service_viarokuThe device, which like its rivals would provide internet streaming services and apps through the box to be displayed on a TV screen, will be seen as a potential headlining platform for the company’s new exclusive video content, and a product which could be on the market by the end of this year, according to sources who have reported on the matter to financial news specialists Bloomberg.

While the set-top box (believed to be in development by the company’s ‘Lab126′ division) would obviously not just be limited to the 14 pilot TV series recently released by Amazon, nor the syndicated content featured on their Instant Video streaming platform, the product would be strongly based around their in-house services.

Such an approach would give them the same advantage as fellow industry big-names such as Apple enjoy in the market due to their existing content connections, while inter-connectivity between Amazon-brand devices will also be seen as a prime feature should it most likely be implemented.

DCM general partner Jason Krikorian said of the rumors, and of the benefits that Amazon would have of entering the set-top box market: “It would certainly make some sense. They have a ton of content, an existing billing relationship with millions of users. [The also have a] …reputation for solid hardware products and a terrific channel through which to promote the product.”

With a second-hand presence in the industry already with their Instant Video apps on competing devices, will Amazon’s proposed direct involvement with set-top boxes be a move that instantly places them high on the ladder, or will they require a new strategy in their newest surroundings?

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