Amazon Cloud Player Launches On Roku And Samsung Smart TV

Playing music through your TV is usually a comparatively pointless exercise unless there is a video attached, but Amazon have revealed an innovation that they hope will help some people to utilise connected TV for an official upgrade to their ‘music streaming service’.

amazon_cloud_player_roku_releaseAmazon Cloud Player, an app which enables free storage of up to 250 songs for instant access via laptops or connected portable devices (250,000 for those that pay a $25-per-year subscription fee), has revealed that it is becoming an option on both Roku set-top boxes and Samsung smart TV sets.

The move is one that will enable users of the products to take on the service directly to their TV sets, where they will receive the usual benefits of the app including a sound recognition feature that enables the identification of a music file and improved replacement at 256 kb/s from Amazon’s streaming archive.

On Roku (set to be available through any Roku boxes or the Roku Streaming Stick provided they are updated to software v4.9.), it is noted that users who install the application will be able to use a ‘shuffle mode’ that offers a chance to listen to songs arranged by album, playlist, genre, or artist, again through system identification systems, while Amazon’s collection of music to stream includes a detailed search function of their own. For use on Samsung sets, meanwhile, users must link their Amazon account to the television.

Roku’s ‘vice-president of content acquisition’ Ed Lee said of his company’s newest app deal: “With Amazon Cloud Player, Roku customers have the ability to directly access their music collection, including any music purchased from Amazon’s library of more than 22 million audio tracks, on their TVs. Just as Amazon Instant Video is extremely popular on the Roku platform, we expect Amazon Cloud Player to be an instant hit among our music listeners.”

Amazon Digital Music divisional vice-president, the aptly-named Steve Boom, summarised: “We want to give customers the choice to enjoy music anywhere they are, whether that is on the go with a mobile device, or in the comfort of their own living room. We think that customers will love how easy it is to enjoy their music from Amazon Cloud Player directly on their Samsung TV, and we will continue to add even more Cloud Player compatible devices to the list in the future.”

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