Almost Half UK Tweets Talking About TV Shows

A new study of UK viewing habits has reveled some interesting facts, including that nearly half of all tweets sent are about TV shows and programming.

Twitter-Smart-TVThe TV Licensing study called the ‘TeleScope Report‘ found that during daytime hours 40% of all tweets are giving opinions and talking about TV programs, partly thanks to the massive growth of online TV services.

The study found that 29% of adults watch internet TV catch-up services such as 4oD, ITV Player and the BBC’s iPlayer service. But online TV compliments standard TV watching, with just 1% of of viewers leaving TV altogether.

Viewers are hungry to embrace new technology with 27% of smartphone and 63% of tablet owners make use of their devices to watch live TV. Smart television sales have reached 2.9 million in the UK since 2010, showing a rise of 211% since that time.

The average number of television sets per household is dropping with 1.83 television sets compared to 2.3 average in 2003, showing the move to watching TV on connected devices and PC.Speaking about the report, Pipa Doubtfire, of TV Licensing said, ‘Technology has given unprecedented freedom to create our own TV schedule, with the ability to record programmes to view at our time of choosing.”

She recognized the move toward internet and on-demand TV viewing saying, “Services such as iPlayer, 4oD and YouView give us access to thousands of hours of missed television we can watch almost anywhere – on a TV screen in the living room from the comfort of an armchair, to a smartphone on a busy train or bus.”

But wherever technology takes us, and even though, “How, where and on what we’re watching continues to change, one thing has remained constant – our love of TV.”

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  1. Chaz
    Chaz March 26, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    I think Twitter is used more than Facebook because your limited to just a few characters whereas on Facebook you feel like you have to write a good old paragraph or 3….

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