Aereo Set Chicago Launch Date For September 13 1

The ever expanding internet TV company, Aereo have announced the date they launch in Chicago. The broadcast TV retransmission service and cloud based DVR company will officially launch in on September 13.

AereoAereo have already launched in several cities in the US, and say in their press release, “The expansion to Chicago will cover 16 counties across Illinois and Indiana.  Aereo’s technology is currently available to consumers residing in the New York City, Boston and Atlanta designated market areas.”

Subscribers to the Aereo service can watch free over-the-air TV and a cloud-based DVR using a number of supported devices such as PC, tablets, Roku, Apple TV and smartphones.

Aereo have met with a lot of opposition from TV networks who feel the service is illegally rebroadcasting their content. Luckily for Aereo, the legal system does not agree – so far anyway. Subscription prices have recently been revamped and viewers can get watching from a modest $8 per month.

 Aereo promise the expansion plans will continue across America this year.

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