Aereo Plans Expansion To 22 New Markets In 2013

Aereo, the video-streaming website that brings over-the-air TV straight to your computer screen via the internet, is expecting large growth in 2013. In fact the site says it is going to expand its controversial service to 22 additional cities this year alone. The company, which has been under fire from several media companies and broadcast networks, appears to be making good on its very ambitious beginnings.

Chet-Kanojia-aereoAccording to CEO Chet Kanojia, the company has been utilizing its resources to bring Aereo to users across the country, expecting to reach 22 new cities by the end of the year. Aereo is utilizing a Series B financing of $38 million to grow the service and expects to serve more than 97 million American consumers with an alternative to accessing over-the-air television.

Aereo’s technology is innovative due to the fact that it allows users to access live broadcast television through internet connected devices–whether they are at home or on the go. The service even offers DVR functionality, although users must be subscribed to the stellar service and live in the local market to gain access to such features.

Subscriptions for consumers start at just $1 per day, giving you an incentive to sign up. Otherwise subscribers have the opportunity to sign up for just $8 a month, similar to Netflix and Amazon, which both equal about $80 per year. Service is currently supported on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone as well as desktop and laptop browsers such as Chrome, IE9, Firefox and Roku set-top-boxes. Additional markets getting service starting in spring of 2013 are Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Miami, Boston and many others.

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