Aereo Going Mobile As Android Internet TV Launch Looms

Aereo fresh from expanding their Online TV service around the Country this year, are now said to be launching on the worlds biggest mobile platform, the Android OS.

aereo-androidThe service from Aereo lets subscribers stream live FTA (free to air) television to connected devices that include desktop computers (including Mac and Linux), laptops, Apple devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using the safari browser,  as well as the Roku set-top box using an Aereo private channel.

The news comes from CEO, Chet Kanojia who was speaking to the International Business Times and confirmed they are bringing out the official Android app sometime in September, although no firm date has been set.

Aereo’s service which uses a bank of small antennas to re-transmit traditional TV broadcast signals to users over the internet, has been condemned by the TV networks who are trying to shut down the service. Aereo charge between $8-12 per month and offer storage options of 20-60 hours of DVR recording space.

Aereo’s controversial set-up is available in many U.S. cities including Boston, New York City, Salt Lake City and Atlanta, and promises launch in a further 19 cities that include Chicago, Miami and Houston.

Chet has also revealed that the app was planned to be released last year but that was canned, and he also said that his company can make profit with less than a million registered users. That should be easy enough to achieve with an android app as it now has a bigger market share than Apple’s iOS.

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