Adobe Make Advertisers Dreams With MediaWeaver

Popular software production company Adobe Systems have revealed the latest feature in their collection of services, after announcing their intention to tap into the ‘catch-up TV’ market and launch a ‘dynamic ad insertion service’ for content owners and advertisers.

The ‘components’, which will be known as Adobe MediaWeaver (for the creation of adverts into ‘digitally-distributed video’), and Primetime Media Player (for ‘execution and analytical’ purposes), are designed to add ‘multi-screen capabilities’ to the company’s developing ‘Project Primetime’ online broadcasting platform, which now contains video publishing, data solutions, and advertising services for rights holders and distributors.

MediaWeaver operates by enabling users to bring adverts directly into the content (‘weaving’), and support ‘audience targeting’ methods through live, linear, and on-demand content throughout all applicable viewing platforms, while Primetime Media Player will at some point be seen on a similarly wide range of platforms, and is seen as a way for developers to be able to review their work and ‘eliminate platform fragmentation challenges’ while maximising reach.

Primetime also has recognised ‘subcomponent’ services of its own, including AudienceManager, Auditude, and SiteCatalyst, which the company will hope can add to their interactive video production offerings spearheaded by FlashPlayer.

Adobe’s ‘vice-president of monetisation’ Jeremy Helfand summarised the developments of his company’s new services, stating: “Adobe is uniquely positioned to help drive a major industry transformation with Project Primetime. The introduction of Adobe MediaWeaver and Primetime Media Player mark a significant step in making broadcast TV content and ads work seamlessly online as more content is consumed across devices. This is a massive opportunity for the industry, and we are working closely with leading TV content owners and distributors to better deliver and monetize broadcast content across all major platforms.”

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