Acer Predict 4 in 5 Devices To Be Touchscreen By 2015

Taiwanese hardware giants Acer have unveiled a prediction that around 80% of their products will implement ‘touch-screen technology’ within the next two years.

acer_pressedThis estimate from the company claimed as the world’s ‘4th-biggest PC vendor’, comes as the company issue their belief that using such features can turn around their fortunes in the PC market, which as a whole is suffering from the emerging presence of touch-screen tablet computers and ‘hybrid’ products.

JT Wang, the chairman of Acer, claimed in an interview with Reuters that his company are planning to have around 30-35% coverage of touchscreen on their notebook PC range by the start of 2014, a slight rise from current levels of 25% recorded this quarter.

Wang summarised ahead of the company’s annual ‘Computex’ trade fair: “Price and supply for touch panels provide some constraints now, but that will ease and boost the penetration of touch devices.”

Wang added his belief that the PC market as a whole is likely to continue its descent over the remainder of the year, having recently suffered from a lowest shipment rate in four years, while also predicting a ‘combined sales increase’ of up to 15% for notebooks & tablet computers. Having shipped an estimated 1.2 million tablets in Q1 2013, Acer are contributing to the trend they are estimating, and hope to have multiplied their output at least twice as much by the end of 2013, but will they have made the right decision in doing so, or is there still plenty of life in non–touchscreen products yet?

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