ABC Retain Actor With ‘Semi-Autobiographical Sitcom’ Pilot

Despite the abject failure of Only Fools and Horses remake Kings of Van Nuys, network producers at ABC still seem keen to retain at least some semblance of that show, with John Leguizamo (who played the character of ‘Delboy’ in the twice-rejected pilot) being almost instantly snapped up for a lead in a potential sitcom that will be based loosely on his own life (with the project described as being ‘semi-autobiographical’).

The 48-year-old Colombian-born actor will be supported by writer/executive producer Chris Sheridan (Family Guy), and will look to create a ‘family-centred comedy’ based in New York City.

Sources describe the series as focusing on Leguizamo’s character as ‘a family man’ attempting to balance his fame-induced ‘Upper West Side lifestyle and privileges’ with his ‘roots in the Bronx’, dealing with spoiled children and old friends.

Leguizamo, who is best known for providing the voice of the character ‘Sid’ in 3D-animated children’s movie franchise Ice Age, has also featured in films such as Moulin Rouge, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Happening, and Sueno. Because of this, he has rarely featured on television screens (appearing as a regular on ER, The Kill Point, and in voiceover work for the upcoming Angry Birds TV series (a franchise which recently confirmed a movie for 2016)), mainly guesting on series such as My Name is Earl and The Brothers Garcia.

It appears that ABC were very keen to bring him onto the smaller screen at whatever cost, though, so will the new sitcom be a success, or will the pilot go the same way as Kings of Van Nuys and become rejected no matter how much faith executives put into the format?

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