ABC Poised To Launch First Mobile Live TV Streaming App

After rival CBS announced a new catch-up TV app, ABC are getting in on the act and going one better. Rather than just catching up, the network are said to be planning a mobile app for watching live streaming of programming.

ABC-streaming-appReported by the NYT, the app will be available to viewers who will need to be part of the TV everywhere scheme which means needing a valid cable or satellite subscription.

Interestingly the service will offer similar service to start-up streaming service Aereo – Who are currently being sued by the big networks including ABC, for re-transmitting live TV via the web. To get local broadcasters on side, ABC are reaching out to those that feel a streaming app could threaten their business model.

As a way to keep everyone happy, the app which is planned for sometime this year will be part of  the TV Everywhere initiative. This allows broadcasters to put up a pay wall around the content, letting customers watch streaming anyplace, but also ensuring revenue for all parties.

The app is expected to be available for Apple devices and will let viewers enjoy hit shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Revolution.

ABC are owned by Disney, who also have a stake in catch-up service Hulu, although they and joint partner, News Corp are currently deciding on what to do with the service.


  1. Hunter
    Hunter March 19, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    I will have to try this ABC app when it comes out, but I hope it offers something special. When I subscribe to over 250 channels, I don’t have room on my phone for 250 apps. I prefer to have one app that streams all of my live TV channels, and it streams DVR recordings too. I have that with my DISH Anywhere app. Last week I wanted to catch a big Denver Nuggets game, but I was stuck working at my desk at DISH without a TV nearby. That wasn’t really a problem because I just pulled up the game on my phone!

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