ABC Ask Celebrities To Sing Their Face Off

While the title might imply a very Hollywood new-age botox removal process, American network ABC are instead looking at an unusual new addition to their summer programming line-up.

sing_your_face_off_logoThe format, which will see actor John Barrowman (Doctor Who) present, will take five celebrities each week undergoing a complete transformation into the same musical icon, replicating their mannerisms and voice and competing to find the best ‘replica’.

Based on an existing format in Spain from Endemol called Your Face Sounds Familiar (Tu cara me suena) that has been exported to over 20 countries, Sing Your Face Off will take on a six-episode run by the network, with current confirmed celebrity contestants (who will then have to impersonate another famous person) including actresses Lisa Rinna and China Anne McClain, comedian Jon Lovitz, and musician Sebastian Bach, amongst others.

The judging panel will so far consist of Debbie Gibson and Darrell Hammond, while it is also believed that the ‘idol’ of the week being impersonated will have a key role to play, with challenge-setting, coaching, judging, and guest performing likely to be amongst the possible uses for such a singer.

The Hollywood Reporter noted of the planned show: “Each episode will feature the complete physical transformation — including the icon’s walk, talk, mannerisms and more — as the celebrities compete in front of judges and a studio audience. In addition to being tasked with a physical transformation, participating talent  also will have to actually perform music from their assigned icon each week. Participating celebs will transform to play — and sing — multiple musical performers during the series. Details on prizes still are being worked out.”

The official premiere date is currently unconfirmed, but in what will most likely be a barrage of celebrity suck-up speeches and tributes, will its target audiences find a better use for their summer than ‘another singing contest’, or could the mimic format become a breakout success for the network? If any lesson could be given to producers ahead of attempting this, it should be that it only gets really entertaining when you see the multiples on-stage at the same time:

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