A New Name And New Blackberry Smartphones For Research In Motion

On Thursday Research In Motion not only announced its new lineup of smart-and-business-devices, but also changed its name to–you guessed it–BlackBerry. RIM, or BlackBerry as it will now be called, hasn’t been on the forefront of the digital age for a few years now–and that is after leading the way with their popular BlackBerry Curve product just five or six years ago.

Blackberry-z10-q10But what does the new name and new operating system, BlackBerry 10, mean for consumers? Well for starters it means that they are going to have an all-new option for a sleeker and sexier mobile device in 2013, combining both business and pleasure into one device. BlackBerry’s have been known for their Enterprise level access, but have never been known as an entertainment device. The company looks to change that outlook in 2013.

Two new devices are debuting, one called the Z10, which features a beautiful 4.2″ touch screen display, and the Q10 which comes with a physical keyboard and looks strikingly familiar to previous devices in the BlackBerry line. While BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins did not mention particular entertainment options, many apps will be available in the BlackBerry App store when the products launch later this year.

Additional the company also wants to license its BlackBerry 10 software to other mobile device manufacturers to further increase its user-base and mirror what Google has accomplished with its Android OS operating system. BlackBerry are ready to make a comeback and with a new name and a new lineup of devices, they are hoping to storm the gates of both Apple and Google this year.

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