80% Of Subscription Streaming Viewers Prefer Watching TV Shows To Movies

A new report shows that viewers who pay subscriptions to streaming services favor TV shows to movies by a big margin. The research was carried out by GfK data, who looked at the viewing habits of 500 US subscribers for a seven day period.

streaming-tv-showsThe respondents were all members of a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service from the big providers, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The results showed a big preference for watching TV shows over movies, 77% of Netflix viewers preferred TV, 79% for Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus got a massive 96% of the vote. The overall vote was 81% to 19% in favor of TV content.

The content viewed was widespread as was the age. Strangely even though Netflix have just made history by becoming the first streaming service to get a raft of Emmy award nominations,  users seem more interested in watching old reruns.

Top series watched was Star Trek getting 4% of viewers, followed by Breaking Bad and Mad Men with 3%. All other shows received 2% or less and included Sci-Fi series, The X-Files, the original Arrested Development andNBC superhero drama, Heroes. Most popular movie content was newer, mostly two years old or newer.

Speaking about the report, David Tice, Gfk Senior Vice President said, “We see that, contrary to broadcast TV’s ‘mass’ audience model, streaming services generate episodic, niche viewing — more broad and unpredictable than even the 200 channels on your cable TV menu. These services provide the control and multiplicity of choice that consumers crave, and the result is very individual behavior.”

Most viewers used a TV to watch content, using either a smart TV or a device such as connected Blu-ray players, game consoles or a streaming media box.

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