2011 Sees Pirate Movie Numbers Drop

With the year 2011 officially over, a number of annual statistics are now able to become completed and published, with the online viewing industry being  no exception to the trend.

Torrent and piracy news website TorrentFreak have revealed figures that show the 10 most pirated films (downloaded) of the past year, with Fast & the Furious sequel Fast Five topping the alternative charts with 9.2 million pirated downloads, beating out comedy sequel The Hangover Part II, which was pirated just over 8.8 million times.

The top 10 was revealed alongside their respective worldwide gross figures, where surprisingly Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (which topped the gross income list with $1.3b) was 10th in the piracy table (with 6 million downloads), which alongside other figures suggested that a movie’s popularity in box office does not nessecarily relate to higher instances of piracy.

One fact that was established from the 2011 release, though, was that compared to 2010, piracy is on the decline, as Avatar was responsible for over 16 million illegal downloads in 2010, a sum much higher than anything from 2011, with full figures from the respective two lists asserting the fact that downloading movies is in the decline.

TorrentFreak wrote on their blog of possible reasons behind the drop: “In part this drop might be explained by the increase in legal alternatives, although upcoming alternative piracy sources (such as cyberlockers and steaming sites) may have also had an effect. However, since the total number of active BitTorrent users isn’t shrinking, the downloads may simply be spread out over more titles in 2011.”

The 2011 pirate download list can be seen below, but do they suggest that piracy could be on the decline, or was 2011 just a bad year all-around in the world of cinema?

1. Fast Five [Fast & Furious 5] – 9.2 million pirated downloads
2. The Hangover Part II – 8.8m
3. Thor – 8.3m
4. Source Code – 7.9m
5. I Am Number Four – 7.6m
6. Sucker Punch – 7.2m
7. 127 Hours – 6.9m
8. Rango – 6.4m
9. The King’s Speech – 6.2m
10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – 6m

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