16% Of Canadians Head To The Internet For TV Viewing

It seems that Canadian TV viewers are turning to the internet for video consumption, as more of the population dump the traditional TV. According to a Comscore report, 16% of adults in Canada are streaming all of their video content from the web.

canadian-online-tvThe trend of abandoning TV for cheaper internet TV has been dubbed as “cord cutting”, and is more popular amongst the younger and more technically savvy demographic.

The report which was commissioned by Google (who some cynics may say would manipulate figures in their favor), also found that 35% of respondents watch a mixture of internet content and traditional TV.

It is not all bad news for the TV industry though as 35% are only watching traditional TV. But the internet seems to be where the Canadian population are heading as the survey showed that Canadians are watching around 2.9 billion videos on YouTube each month, or per person around 127 videos monthly.

The report confirms that the web is the new home of  TV for Canadians after 19% of respondents said they would be watching more internet TV in the future, whilst only 6% said they would watch more TV.

The survey also asked what were the main benefits for both web and traditional TV. Respondents said that traditional TV was easier to watch, had the better picture quality and better  viewing experience, whilst online TV was cheaper, more convenient and offered more interaction.

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