Another Fire Sale From Amazon – The Fire Phone Unlocked

Amazon’s first attempt to break into the smartphone market was made with the launch of their first 3D-enabled Fire Phone released on June 18, 2014. Smartphone appears on the market after the success of their Kindle Fire tablets, which were running on Fire OS.

Amazon fire phoneAt that time the Fire Phone was priced at $199 with a two-year contract. Now buyers can purchase it for the same price without any form of commitment. Previously, the high price and absence of availability is probably the key reason why buyers have mostly avoided smartphone, with Amazon reporting to have sold close to 35,000 devices after the release.
Amazon also stated in October it has made a $170 million loss with the Fire Phone.

The new price could be a lot more in accordance with what buyers have been hoping to pay. This is in fact the second fire sale for the Fire phone, after Amazon decreased the expense of the on-contract, AT&T specialized version to just $0.99 with a two-year agreement.
However, regardless of how you see it, this can be a convinced signal that the Fire phone flopped in a really huge way.
The high price tag at release probably reflects that Amazon is attempting to recoup the large amount of Rs glasses-free 3D interface effects, but still the truth is what users anticipated from an Amazon device was a product affordable as well as simple, similar to their Kindle Fire line of tablets.

If you’re not up to date with the Fire Phone, it’s packed with a quad-core 2.2GHz processor, Adreno 330 graphics, 2GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 720p display (315 ppi), and a 13-megapixel rear facing camera. Its technical specs are like those you’ll find in Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha, but the user interface and functions will be as opposed to any other Android phone on the market thanks to the Fire OS skin and lack of Google services.
However, as its efforts to move latent devices from the Fire Phone, Amazon says it’s not out of the smartphone business definitely yet. The company intends to carry on with a second version of the smartphone, and probably a lot more after that. Amazon’s vice president, Jorrit Van der Meulen, mentioned in the Guardian previously this month that the first product of their Kindle e-reader had been likewise not really received well.

Windows Live and PlayStation Network Hack Could Be Hoax

Over 5500 accounts have supposedly been hacked by the group DerpTrolling, who have claimed to have broken into Microsoft Live, 2K Games and Sony’s PlayStation Network. The group released their claim through Twitter and Pastebin, an anonymous text sharing website, with the following claim:

Playstation network“Dear Internet, the following is a very small portion of Lord Gaben and the rest of his crews glorious raids across the high seas of the Internet, let this be a warning to all. Nothing is safe from Derp.”

But experts are beginning to doubt the validity of the bold claim. As many have noted that many of the so-called hacked accounts and passwords are in fact found from previous hacks. The group, DerpTrolling, are also claiming they have in their possession a further 7 million account details. But again, until either Sony, Microsoft or 2K games can confirm this, security experts are casting doubt across DerpTrolling’s claims.

If these claims of hacking are verified, it won’t come as welcome news to Sony, who have already suffered a number of security breaches since a major attack on the network occurred in 2011, resulting in the PlayStation Network shutdown for 24 days. The latest attack on Sony has come in the form of a hack into the systems of Sony Pictures, resulting in every single computer being shut down. A threatening message appeared on every computer screen from a group called GOP who are claiming they will release sensitive data unless their demands are met. It still isn’t clear what these demands are and why Sony has been targeted.

Any users who are concerned about their own account and data are advised to change passwords and to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on their accounts until the hacking group’s claims can be verified or if indeed, were just trolling.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sales 40% Below Expected Numbers

Samsung Galaxy S5 is for sure one of the most advanced smartphones that the company has created, but the sales are less than Samsung expected, says The Wall Street Magazine.

Samsung Galaxy S5According to the magazine the first three months of after the release in April, Samsung sold 40% less devices than predicted.

Samsung sold 12 million Galaxy S5 smartphones, which is compared to 16 million Galaxy S4 sold in the first three months after the release.

The only positive thing for the company is that despite these figures, actual sales of S5 in the US fared better than S4 and it seems that the US is, however, Samsung’s biggest market. But, that is not the case in China, where Samsung sells half less smartphones unlike antecedent of S5 Galaxy.

However, you should take into account that Samsung has still not released any official numbers in terms of sales of the smartphone and the The Wall Street is placing this information according to its sources close to the company.

It should also be acknowledged that the company has faced several problems regarding the business of mobile phones, and one of the biggest problems was the increasing competition in the market, especially from China, so they have same serious plans for changing their strategy and focusing on developing those models that are most popular.

It seems that 2015 will be an interesting year with regards to Samsung and their mobile phones.

Microsoft Allows You To Chat While Writing Your Docs – Using Their Skype Wings

In the past few years Microsoft has made more things to boost the Office Online service which allows for free usage of smaller versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint through your browser. First, they rebranded the service, after that they create a special page for its accession, improving the available functions and much more.

Microsoft OfficeIn the last few weeks, as they say through the company blog, users of Word and PowerPoint Online will have the opportunity to chat at the same time while they are working on a document with other people.

So, while working office Online users are going to notice a specific chat key shown up inside Microsoft Power Point and Word. All you have to do is to simply push that key while you are modifying a file to begin chatting with everybody working on the document. As an additional benefit, Microsoft says you will have the ability to proceed all chats started in Office Online with Skype on the desktop on your smartphone when you have closed down the document.

This is important because Microsoft is trying hard to produce its services into cross-platform technology, which means that the Office requirements is to become a suite of top-flight web apps. The absence of in-document collaboration tool was actually an obvious omission from Office Online and it’s excellent to view this particular feature out soon in PowerPoint and Word. But providing an in-document chat app isn’t sufficient. The actual testing is going to be how good talk works—not how easy it is to start it.

In previous versions chatting with multiple people, wasn’t an option.

Another problem with previous iterations of Office chat was that you had to have all your collaborators as Skype connections in order for you to chat with them. That may not be a problem for the most part, however, it is not difficult to assume a scenario in which you will need to work with a person on a document who is not on your Skype list.

For example, Google Docs do not need a Google Chat, or a Hangouts connection previous in order to have an in-document chat with someone. Here we are hoping Office Online will do the same. We’ll know for certain as the feature starts off going out in the next coming weeks.

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A First Look At The ”Game of Thrones” Video Game Trailer

Last year it was announced that the studio Telltale Games was working on the creation of a new video game, which would cover the world of books and the series of Game of Thrones. The game has finally got its first trailer in which the narration is performed by the actress Lena Headey, who interprets the role of Cersei Lannister in the tv show.

Telltale with Game of ThronesIn this game their roles will reprise several famous characters like Tyrion Lannister performed by Peter Dinklage, Ramsay Snow performed by Iwan Rheon, Margaery Tyrell performed by Natalie Dormer, Cersei Lannister performed by Lena Heady. The game is presented through the House Forrester. Players will play the video game through five characters of the House Forrester (involving persons of the family and the servants). This house does not appear in the series, but the creators of the game had consulted R.R.Martin and HBO for their story to be able to fit properly in the overall project.

Telltale states that much more stars will show up in the game in the future actually, however the shielded developer doesn’t wish to ruin the surprise.

The plan is to be released one version each month, until the beginning of the fifth season premiere of the TV show, which is scheduled for April 2015, as the story in the game follows the events of the end of the third to the beginning of the fifth season.

Telltale introduced the game late last year during the VGX video game awards. After then, the company has been very quiet concerning the game’s progress. Numerous fans ended up questioning if the company would still have the ability to strike its target date of late 2014. Still, there is no launching date for the Game of Thrones game, but once Telltale publishes a trailer, the episode usually isn’t much away. Be expecting the game to debut just before the end of the year. It is going to be accessible on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac and iOS.


Apple Now Officially Offers Automated iAds

On Friday last week, Apple and its advertising partners officially announced that the iAd network is now accepting “programmatic” mobile advertisement purchases, in a change that brings Apple in-line with other ad services.

Apple iAdThe launch was first announced, unofficially, when Apple’s plan to start automated iAds was leaked by Rubicon Project, one if its partners, who accidentally published a press release ahead of schedule. On Friday, the new advertising system’s plans and additional partners were officially debuted.

Ad tech companies partnering with Apple include Rubicon Project, AdRoll, MediaMath, and The Trade Desk. Apple’s iAd Workbench will also be integrating with these platforms to help allow develop targeted, cross-device advertising campaigns according to iPhone and iPad users.

To facilitate advertisers in buying audiences, the iAd inventory will be bought and sold in an open marketplace. In line with a process prelavent with other advertising networks, advertisers will bid on placements enabled through programmatic buying in auctions.

Adroll has said in its announcement that through “Apple’s proprietary, privacy minded consumer data sets gleaned through iTunes“, customers will be able to run their campaigns. Using third-party participating platforms, advertisers will be able to mange iAds, retrieve analytics, as well as, create and update their campaigns.

“AdRoll has a long history of being first to market with new inventory sources and innovative functionality. We’re excited to bring the power, precision and scale of programmatic buying to a high-quality, in-demand inventory source,” said AdRoll President and CMO Adam Berke. “AdRoll is committed to bringing developers and advertisers of all sizes cross-device solutions for a world gone mobile.”

COO of MediaMath, Ari Buchalter, has said, “With marketing budgets rapidly shifting towards programmatic, and the continued rapid growth of mobile, iAd brings a powerful combination of global scale, unique & rich data, and a high-quality user experience, allowing our clients to engage with their target consumers across an unprecedented range of apps and devices.”

In its press release, MediaMath has said that their “clients will also benefit from streamlined campaign setup & management, a wide range of reporting including metrics from tap-through rates to video completes, simplified billing, and early access to new features and functionality.” L.L. bean is one of the first iAd clients.