People Magazine Names Chris Hemsworth 2014’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

The People magazine’s contest “The Sexiest Man Alive” goes around the world, searching for just that guy, and according to the magazine the title in 2014 goes to the star of the Marvel Comics’ Thor, Chris Hemsvort (31).

Chris Hemsvort as ThorThe honor to deliver this announcement was placed in the hands of Jimmy Kimmel, Host of Jimmy Kimmel Live. When Kimmel spoke to Hemsvort, Kimmel did not miss the opportunity to ask for a message to his nemesis, Matt Damon, to which Hemsvort replied jokingly, “I learned everything there is about being sexy from Matt – pursing the lips, squinting at the right time,” he said. “Thank you Matt and all the other previous intelligent men.”.

Hemsworth is a bit of an intriguing pick for the sexiest man of 2014. The Aussie on-screen character hasn’t graced the wide screen since 2013, when he featured in Thor: The Dark World and Rush. So in spite of the fact that there’s no debating whether he’s a film star, there may be some verbal confrontation about whether this was his year.

The performing artist, thought it was “really interesting” when he first heard the news – as did his wife, the Spanish model Elsa Pataky(38), whom he marry in 2010.

“I think you’ve bought me a couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house”, he tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “I can just say to her, ‘Now remember, this is what the people think, so I don’t need to do the dishes anymore, I don’t need to change nappies. I’m above that. I’ve made it now.’ “

Last year for the title of sexiest man was voted Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine, and also on the list are Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Bradley Cooper, while the first winner in 1985 was Mel Gibson.

Finnish Rising Star Jolla Present Their New Tablet – And It Looks Great

Some of you may remember the smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer Jolla introduced in 2013. The smartphone, instead of using Android, used its own version of Linux called Sailfish. Now Jolla is once again on the market and looking for support with the Indiegogo campaign to bring its first tablet computer to the market, also running Sailfish.

The New Jolla TabletAn interesting thing is that it seems like the guys from the Finns company are not introduced to the fact how rough the tablet market is at the moment, and they still decided to launch their tablet after their rival Nokia announces that they are back on market with the Android based N1 tablet.

Jolla is a company founded by former employees of Nokia with its goal to find at least 2,000 people to show their desire to buy tablets. It already has over 2,500 people who supported the campaign.

The tablets will cost a little over $ 200 for the campaign. To be more precise, the campaign preorders started with the value beginning at $189 for the initial 2,000 requests and moving to $199 for the following 1,000. The goal is to go up to $380,000 in the following 21 days to make the Jolla Tablet see the light of day.

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Contributor By Google: An Experiment To Fund The Web

Contributor by Google is Google’s latest innovative experiment on whether websites can be supported by readers directly through small payments, moving away from the traditional source of income of advertising. This new service will allow users to pay a monthly fee on their browsers to avoid ads on websites hosting Google’s advertising services.

Google ContributorWhen a participating reader of Contributor visits a participating website, the service will pay a small amount of money extracted from the monthly fee, rather than the usual payment through advertising.

Following the launch style of previous innovative Google products like Gmail and the new Inbox app, the Contributor can be accessed by invitation only. One can sign up in the waiting list to score an invite. After seeing which websites are participating, invited users can choose whether they wish to join the program or not.

Since the entire system rests upon Google, subscribers need to be login in to their Google account to use Contributor services.

Space normally filled by Google ads will be replaced with a small thank you message. It will not be removed completely but display a pixelated pattern. However, publishers have the option to remove ad spaces entirely in mobile devices.

No exact details have been given by Google on how much money it will make in this service nor by publishers Neither on how it compares to revenue from display ads.

Users have the options to make a monthly payment of $1, $2 or $3 to their Google account, stating that “the more you contribute, the more you support the websites you visit”.

The experiment is so far covering only ten publishing websites. These include Imgur, WikiHow, Mashable and Science Daily. This number is expected to expand as more publishers sign up. For now, Contributor is only enlisting US based sites.

Similar services have also been experimented upon in recent years. Readability, like Contributor, allowed users to pay a monthly fee and distributed the amount to participating sites when visited. However, it was shut down in 2012.

Some websites and publishers, including the Next Web and the Guardian, grant reader-supported subscriptions to remove ads from their sites.

Buy A Chromebook – Get Two Years Of 1 TB Free Storage From Google

Are you searching the market looking for a new computer this holiday shopping period? If your answer is yes, Chromebooks may very well be on your quick-list of potential purchases.

Google ChromebookGoogle is going hard for the Christmas bargain shoppers. The company has offered 1 TB of free storage space for two years for anyone who buys a new Chromebook between now and the end of the year.

Normally, Google bills you $10 a month for 1 TB, which means that you’ll get a $240 benefit of storage space, and some of the eligible computers only cost $199. Not a bad offer, however, not the most generous one out there: Microsoft is already offering limitless storage if you buy an HP Stream 11 for $200.

Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, an operating system based on the Chrome web browser.
So, whatever you choose to do on your Chromebook, you do it online using the web browser. So instead of writing locally using something like Microsoft Word and saving it to your desktop, you can use Google Drive to store your Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides etc., in the cloud. For that factor, the cost-free data storage space is a big win.

In the end, we should declare that in the constant race for cloud storage costing, Google is a leader. Cost-free of charge will just put them through the top. The latest time Google gave a terabyte of storage with a Chromebook was the Pixel.

Good Bye Lync – Hello Skype For Business

Microsoft Lync is a business tool basically designed for instant messaging that works via a special software called “Lync Server” or online via the cloud service Office 365. It is designed for business users as a solution for the communication within the company which includes better security, opportunity for file sharing, connecting to other services, monitoring the work of the same documents, encryption of communication, SIP telephony service, etc. The security of the service is provided and controlled through the local IT department of the company.

Skype for business

Up until now the service might have been a bit redundant since acquiring Skype in 2011, but recently Microsoft announced that the next version of Lync, which will be released in the first half of 2015, will be named “Skype For Business”.

With “Skype for Business”, Microsoft means to exploit the qualities of both Skype and Lync. Case in point, the common Skype symbols are obtained for making calls, including video, and closure of a call. Likewise, the Skype in-call screen, which keeps a dynamic call when the client moves to an alternate application, is presently a part of Skype for Business.

In the meantime, “Skype for Business” keeps and increase all of the abilities of the current Lync version, including information sharing and telephony. Case in point, exchanging a call now takes only one touch or click rather than three.

While Lync currently offers texting and sound calls with Skype clients, “Skype for Business” includes feature calling the Skype user directory making it available  to call any Skype user on any gadget.

What comes about Lync?
Lync, which will in any case exist in past editions, for example, Lync 2013, Microsoft says.

Microsoft will help Lync 2013 clients to rapidly move over to “Skype for Business”, enabling video connectivity between Lync 2013 and Skype users before the end of 2014. It will give an alternative to the administrators to utilize either the new “Skype for Business” user interface (UI) or the current Lync UI with the Lync 2013 customer.

This enables them to take advantage of the well known Skype interface instantly once Microsoft releases the new client application.

Current Lync 2013 administrators will have the capacity to move quickly to the new version on the grounds that it will utilize the same hardware profiles and makes it simple to take steps for updating server software, according to Microsoft. There are no progressions for Lync 2010 clients.

More informations, for example, call prices, incorporation of Skype credit and PBX functionality would be discharged at a later date, Microsoft told Digital First.

Tivo launches in Canada

TiVo, the beloved American set-top box which, allows users to record live TV to watch later has finally come to Canada. Cogeco Cable, the Canadian cable company responsible for the launch, has initiated sales in Ontario this month. Cogeco will release TiVo in its second base of Quebec, next year in spring.

TiVo in CanadaAdding TiVo to its operations, Cogeco will be the first cable company to bring Netflix in its set-top boxes. Customers will enjoy the facilities of live TV, as well as recorded. They can also access on demand and other content like Netflix.

“Cogeco TiVo Service will be a game-changer in the cable market in Canada,” The CEO of Cogeco, Louise St-Pierre, said. “We have worked closely with TiVo to develop a platform that is customized for Canadian viewers, and we are proud to bring it to market.”.

For those customers who want TiVo, they will have to pay $20 for a first DVR, in the first month and a cost of $7 for additional TV’s. Subscription to Internet packages and Cogeco TV programming will also be available.

Cogeco has attempted to work on its own system, but abandoned the attempt in favour of a $32 million deal, and decided to offer TiVo as a more lucrative option. Other Canadian cable companies have also been devising similar systems as demand is shifting from cable to online viewing and portable devices.

Two of Canada’s largest cable companies, Shaw and Rogers, collaborated to create Shomi a Netflix-like competitor. In the past year they have collectively, lost around 200,000 subscribers.