Google Now Publishes Song Lyrics In Search Results

Google has now entered into competition with song lyrics services. The multi-billion dollar service still now return song lyrics alongside web results when lyrics of a specific song is searched.

Google now with Song lyricsCompeting with websites like AZLyrics and Genius, U.S-based users will see song lyrics at the top of the search results.

According to Billboard, Google has been building a database of lyrics and been in contact with music publishers in the past year.

Additional information like comments and song meanings will not accompany the results. For now Google is focused on cataloguing of lyrics.

Websites which offer song lyrics and accompanying functionality will face trouble as most site traffic to such sites come from search engines, unless they’ve built a loyal community.

“We’re happy to see Google take an interest in improving lyrics online,” Genius co-founder Tom Lehman told Business Insider. “We’d love to collaborate with them to create the best lyric experience the internet has ever seen.”

Genius has a large community and had a profound impact on the rap community. Rappers have participated in discussions to make their song meanings clear and correct lyrics.

Google has been experimenting by placing the direct answers at the top of search results to questions written in the search engine.

Sony Is Planning First Internet-based Cable TV Service In Q1 Next Year

The Sony Entertainment Network has big plans for 2015. It is the first of a few companies who will be offering cloud-based TV service, and Sony is calling this new service: Playstation Vue. This past November in New York, Sony started the beta testing of the new service. The company has plans to continue the beta testing in the cities of Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL and New York, NY. All beta testing will be done by invitation only.

Sony Entertainment TelevisionSony is planning the initial launch of the service for the first quarter of 2015. The company is also planning to make the new service available for a variety of other devices, including the Apple iPad.

Both Verizon and the Dish Network are two other major, big-name companies that will be among the first of several who plan to offer bundles of “live TV channels over the Internet.” These new “internet-based streaming television offerings” will be very similar to that of traditional cable.

Channels such as Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon are to be included in the first 75 channels the Sony Playstation Vue service will be offering. Sony is currently in the process of negotiating an agreement with Disney. ESPN, which is a sports station that is currently owned by Disney, is also one of the most popular and most-watched sports channels, and therefore commands the most expensive carriage fees on cable.

According to Sony, a lot of its Playstation customers currently subscribe to cable TV but desire an improved user experience. Sony has not determined yet how much it plans to charge its customers for the new service; however, it does plan to offer attractive pricing without any additional charges and without forcing its customers into long-term contracts.

Sony’s plan for the new service includes a focus on improvement of the current cable TV interface by combining the traditional cable and a cloud-based user interface. The new interface, which will be similar to that of Netflix, will feature both time-shifted as well as live viewing, and will also include a list of user recommendations.

The DISH Network In A Spat With Fox News – Drops Fox News Channels

Any Dish Network customers who just happened to be watching the either the Fox News Channel or the Fox Business Network channel last Saturday night at approximately 11:50pm EST, were most likely disappointed when both channels were taken off the air, simultaneously. According to Fox, the blackout happened 10 minutes premature to the current contract’s official agreed-upon deadline time of midnight.

The Dish network no longer dishing out FoxApparently, negotiations on a new carriage contract between the two companies has been in the works for some time , but unfortunately, by the time of the blackout, no agreement had been reached and the Dish network, which currently serves close to 14 million satellite TV customers, took both channels off the air.

Both channels seem to be placing the blame on one another as the complaints from a number of disappointed Dish Network customers roll in. The Dish network claims that it offered a short-term extension of the current contract that would have ultimately “preserved the Fox channels” while the two companies continued with their new carriage contract negotiations.

Dish claims Fox was trying to introduce new channels that were not included in the original carriage contract, while Fox says Dish Network used blocking out the two Fox news channels as “leverage” in and effort to try and “sway” the negotiations.

The EVP of distribution for Fox News, Tim Cary, claims that he hopes the Dish Network customers who are fans of the two Fox channels will “seek another one of Fox’s other valued distributors immediately.”

Fox considers itself to be the number one news channel, and has gone almost 20 years without a blackout until now. Fox has been reaching contract agreements with all of the other pay-TV providers for the last 18 years, and plans to continue negotiations with the Dish network in order to reach a new carriage contract agreement.

Dish claims that their relationship with Fox has been a productive one for many years. The satellite TV giant apologized to its customers for the service disruption and claims it remains “committed to reaching an agreement” with the Fox that will promptly return the channels’ to the Dish Network’s programming lineup.

Sony Is Already Planning New Gaming Console With The Playstation 5

The Sony Corporation obviously has no plans of slowing down their technological advancements, especially when it comes to their video game console area. Sony is already planning the design for the Playstation 5, even though the Playstation 4 is still pretty much in its prime.

Sony Playstation 5The company is planning a much more advanced technological and somewhat futuristic design for the PS5. What are some of the specifications we can most likely be expecting to see in Sony’s next gaming console version in the Sony Playstation series?

Sony Corporation is certainly considering using the most dated technology for the upcoming Playstation 5 gaming console. It will be equipped with a super fast 3D stacked RAM variant and an extraordinarily improved processor and chipsets. The level of technology in the P55 will literally leave the Xbox One and even the system’s most recent predecessor, the PS4, “technologically outdated.”

With the number of 4K capable devices on the rise recently, Sony is planning for one of the essential features of the PS5 to be true 4K capable and be powerful enough to render 4K video games.

The Sony Playstation 5 may be a combination of both a physical video game disc player as well as cloud-based game console, although it has been rumored that the company has been floating around the idea of possibly doing away with the physical disc media playability function and designing the PS5 as a completely cloud-based gaming system.

Also, Sony has being throwing around a rumor about the Playstation 5 possibly featuring some standard peripheral virtual reality accessories or maybe even a as standard, or even built-in virtual reality capability. None of us will know for sure until Sony decides to officially announce the new model, but we can look certainly expect it to be a considerable upgrade from the Playstation 4.

Microsoft – Surface Pro 4 Production Already In The Works

Even though it has only been about 6 months since Microsoft Corporation released their 3rd generation laptop/tablet hybrid device: the Surface Pro 3, the tech industry giant is already in the process of designing its newest and most updated hybrid yet, the Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro TabletThe Surface Pro 4 is already being planned to be released sometime around mid 2015 to early 2016. It will be most likely be the first Microsoft device to be powered by the company’s all new Windows 10 operating system, also planning to be released in mid-2015.

This latest hybrid in the Surface Pro series is rumored to be coming out in 2 separate sizes. One will have a 14-inch screen, (which is a 2-inch increase in size from the Surface Pro 3) and the smaller, more portable version, (which is said to be labeled as the Surface Pro 4 Mini) will have a compact, 8-inch screen size.

The Surface Pro 4 is likely to be sporting Intel’s latest energy-saving Core M processor, (an innovative technologically-advanced processor which has ultimately eliminated the need for cooling fans in computers) and will be the most classy and sleekly-designed hybrid devices yet.

The 4th generation hybrid device’s predecessor, the Surface Pro 3 currently carries an $800 – $1400 price tag; therefore, the Surface Pro 4 will most likely be carrying a more expensive one.

Microsoft is showing no signs of slowing down its technological advancements, and its consistent updates and innovations to its both its hardware and software are bound to have a positive impact on the corporation’s revenue as well as its shareholder value.

Google+ Automatically Enhances Your Uploaded Videos Too

Google plus has brought its auto-enhance photo editing feature of the past two years, to videos now.

Google+ With auto-enhancementUnlike with images, videos are not automatically enhanced. A banner appears in the Google+ web app which asks you if you want to preview any potential changes. You can also apply automatic enhancements on videos uploaded to Google+ Photos case by case.

Lighting, color and stability will be automatically enhanced in the new Google+ feature, said Google engineer Tim St. Clair. Improved speech will also be coming soon.

The automatic enhancements feature is available on Windows, Mac and ChromeOS.

A 240p low-resolution window shows a side-by-side preview of the video with and without changes. 240p may not be the best resolution to preview changes as the moving images can seem blurry. However, the reason for its use is that it takes the least amount of computing power and gives results in a reasonable amount of time.

Google+ has been under debate about its success as a social network, but its Google+ Photos application has remained popular for its innovations and interesting features.

Video taking with smartphones is as popular as ever, which is why it is reasonable for Google to bring its enhancements features from photos and YouTube to private videos.

This new option is similar to features offered to YouTube users, though it doesn’t automatically prompt users as in Google+. Features not present in the service include manual adjustment of contrast, saturation and color temperature which are found in YouTube.

Google+’s announcement coincidentally comes two days after Facebook announced automatic image enhancements to uploaded photos in its official iOS app.