LG G4 will Compete Strongly Against Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6


LG is making a comeback with their G Series Smartphones and this will bring back the excitement that the Cookie did just 6 years ago.

New LG g4 flows like water  The best thing about smartphones manufactured by Asians is that they can load the phone with an insane amount of good stuff (that’s comparable to or even greater than US and EU-made phones) and still sell them at one third the price that Apple iPhones are being sold. But this time the Korea-based phone manufacturer dared to raise eyebrows when it plans to sell the G4 at around $800 – $1,000 which is surprisingly more expensive than the iPhone 6 and HTC One M9! However, they’ll give you a lot of the good stuff for the amount you’ll be paying, like upgraded screen and a more advanced camera, longer battery life, RAM, core processor speed and the new leather coating which is not available in any other phones.

The Design

Honestly, the leather back overlay for the LG G4 is kind of a step backwards, because you may get that nagging feeling that you’re purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag or boots instead of a smartphone; which is awkward – and that’s an understatement. Just wait ‘till it’s your turn to go shopping for this thing!

The huge 5.5-inch Quad HD display absolutely kills it! From the moment I touched the second-series prototype LG G4, I never wanted to put it down again and I even had this silent enthusiasm to ask the attendant if I could take it home with me, which was inappropriate and rude to a certain extent. Still, with all the emotions aside, there’s nothing NOT to like about the G4. It is as a premium brand quality as any other phone in the market!

LG G4 Leaked promotionThe plastic, ceramic and metallic versions of the G4 is not so terrible, in fact, they are comparable to the other top mobile phone manufacturers. However, I have to say that HTC, Samsung and Apple does it slightly better. Keep up the good work LG, you’re almost there!

I think that the main goal of LG is ergonomics as that’s what I’ve concluded when handling the G4 smartphone. It feels easy and light to the touch compared to other smartphones out there. The battery is also better in two significant ways: 1) it packs more power than other phones at 3000mAh and, 2) it’s removable.

I actually prefer the removable battery design over the unibody chassis that other phone manufacturers have added to their latest design features. The point is Lithium-Ion batteries can only last so long and after using it for 8 months on, their power factor is reduced by 18% or more, depending on how often you use your phone. Replacing the old battery with a new one is one way to go, of course, you can also use two or more batteries in reserve to lessen the charging time.

Massive phones have become the trend nowadays and if you don’t have one of those in your pocket or shoulder bag, then you’re certainly the sorest person to ever walk this Earth. But the bulky and wide horizontal surface makes them unwieldy, so the designers came up with an ingenious idea – make the edges curved to compensate for ergonomics! And it worked. Even the designers at LG realized this fact and included it in the G4.

The G4 has neatly tucked away all of the inconvenient pesky keys on the back of the phone just below the 16 megapixels camera; while most phone manufacturers have these in the front and sides of their phones.

LG G4 leakThe Display

Okay, our contenders for the maximum resolution on their respective phones’ display starts with Apple iPhone 6 (750 x 1334 @ 326 ppi) which is the lowest among the 6th gen smartphones on the market. Next we have HTC One M9 (1080 x 1920 @ 441 ppi), then comes the other Korean-made Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (1440 x 2560 @ 557 ppi) which is more or less similar to the LG G4’s resolution [2560 x 1440 (Quad HD) @538 ppi].

The new Quantum IPS display on the LG G4 is probably the best I’ve ever seen to date, and I think it competes more with its homegrown rival, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge than Apple or other brands. I find the 5.5-inch display a bit difficult to navigate (makes you wish you had a stylus pen actually), but again, the screen will take your attention away from other inconveniences.

Deeper reds and brighter blues, that’s what’s mostly the QUAD HD does which means it has cinema quality images and videos. It should feel like blu-ray on a smartphone, yeah, that’s just how amazing this phone is. Apple had better watch its back, because Samsung will not be the only rival in the block soon, HTC, Lenovo and especially LG will want a huge chunk of the smartphone market!

LG G4 Poster soon releasedThe LG G4 also sport a new unlocking feature called, the “Knock Code.” It works differently with the security PIN and the swipe code that you may have already seen in other smartphones. The Knock Code works by tapping a couple of times on particular areas of the LG G4’s screen to wake it up from sleep. It is a more efficient way to unlock the phone and it’s much ‘cooler’ in my opinion.


•    Superb camera
•    Elegant leather back
•    Color-rich display


•    Camera launcher could be better
•    No QuickCharge technology
•    Jury is out on leather durability

Initial Verdict

Whatever the decision-making block did in LG for its latest G4 smartphone concept, they did it so well, because they focused on 3 things: a) great camera for photos, a colour rich display and excellent design features. It’s so much better than Apple’s iPhone 6 and HTC One M9 that it is, by far, the only one I could find worthy to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I’m definitely getting the LG G4 when it opens up for sale next month and you should too!

Bill Murray: From SNL to Oscar Nominee

With his latest film coming out, Rock the Kasbah, sees Bill Murray play the manager of rock star Zooey Deschanel as they both travel to Afghanistan for a gig. The film follows Murray as he loses his star in the middle of Afghanistan. Murray then finds another singer he sees potential in, and attempts to get her to Kabul in order to sing in a competition. In celebration of the great funny man, we take a look back at his incredible career so far, spanning five decades and over 60 feature length films, not to mention a four year run on Saturday Night Live.

Bill Murray starring in The Ghost BustersWilliam James Murray was born in Wilmette, Illinois in 1950 to Lucille Collins and Edward Joseph Murray II. Bill got his first shot at acting in a short film back in 1973 in The Hat Act, playing a bookstore owner, but it only took two years for Murray to receive his big break on comedy sketch show Saturday Night live, along with soon to be collaborator Dan Akroyd. His first major feature film was 1979’s Meatballs, where he played Tripper, a film about counsellors and campers at a summer camp. Over the next three years, Murray starred in multiple comedies, including the two cult classics Caddyshack and Stripes.

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What started as an idea of paying tribute to everything that was great about 80s action films; buddy cops, cheesy dialogue, ninjas, dinosaurs and of course over the top action, Kung Fury swiftly picked up traction online and a Kickstarter campaign was underway. Adam Sandberg, the man behind Kung Fury, set out to make a short film which involves everything he loves about the 1980s.

Kung Fury Movie PosterHe had always wanted to make a film about dinosaurs, robots and cops, and felt the 80s were a perfect decade to combine them all. Prior to Kung Fury, Sandberg worked as a commercial director, where he shot music videos and television commercials. Upon quitting his job, he focussed on writing and directing a comedy action film that pays tribute to the 1980s. In December 2013, Sandberg decided it was time to start a Kickstarter campaign, hoping he would reach the goal of $200,000 in order to make the short film. Little did Sandberg know, but the project was about to explode, exceeding anything he expected. In just under a month, the campaign garnered over 17,000 backers, combining for an incredible $630,000.

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NOKE: No Key, No Problem

It’s normal for people to think about their safety, in fact, psychologists say that we think a lot about our safety all the time that through the evolutionary process, we’ve developed several defense mechanisms in our mind and body in order to survive.

NOKE the bluetooth padlockToday, however, it’s not just about hunting food or fending off predators, but a lot of complicated things thrown into the mix of feeling secured. Besides thinking about our well-being we also think about our properties and how to keep them safe from thieves and burglars, our money from getting robbed and all other material possessions. So we made our homes hard to invade and even keep one or more firearms to fend off intruders, while in outdoors we lock our cars, bikes and other modes of transportation and keep our money in bank vaults with several security guards and a cutting-edge security system just to keep it safe.

noke unlock your lock with you deviceBut whatever your material possession is it will always require a lock and a key and these days that could be an inconvenience, so the guys at FUZ Designs created NOKE – a tough metal padlock that was built to respond to digital signals in order to lock and unlock itself. It requires no key you see, that’s why they gave it the name “NOKE.”

NOKE only recognizes Bluetooth signals, so it’s almost impossible to hack it, plus FUZ Designs added extra security measures in it in order to make it impregnable. You’ll need to use your smartphone in order lock or unlock the device; however, you don’t need an app or adjust the settings on your phone to do this, because it responds to the proximity of your phone, so all you have to do is bring the phone closer to it. If you have an Android phone that supports Bluetooth 4.0, then you can use the NOKE padlock as it is specifically compatible with it. FUZ Designs had intended to designed this device for multipurpose basis which will make it usable in almost anything and gives the user flexibility.

NOKE was made to look attractive on the outside but on the inside it is made of a very tough allow of hardened steel and boron which can withstand tempnoke no need for a key again - only your smartphone eratures of up to 2,348 Kelvin, you can be sure that your padlock will last through anything. This unique padlock is actually weatherproof and the hardened shell casing is very advantageous for its Lituim-Ion battery also. The NOKE keyless padlock is perfect for outdoors and using your smartphone’s Bluetooth 4.0 technology and lock or unlock it from 10 feet away (its minimum operational range). You can also share access to your NOKE with your friends by simply including them in your NOKE app, then they can use their smartphones to unlock it as well. Also, a special bike cable that cost $20 which stands as a shell for easy locking bicycles. It costs $59 for preorders and its retailing price will costs $89.

Your personal safety is of paramount importance, second comes your property and possessions and the rest is just pawn and loan stuff on a daily basis, but at least you got the NOKE keyless padlock for the little things that you cherish. Technology when used properly can be very advantageous for us all.

Tile Provides Easy Access To Track Your Things With Their Advanced Tracker

While we enjoy the little things in life and wallow in the routine and the familiar, we tend to forget some of the important stuff. Small items that are also very important such as watches, laptops, mobile phones and wallets gets misplaced and before you know it, they’re missing. Tile has found a way to help you keep track of your things without having to think about them all the time. Introducing the Tile Tracker! It is a fixed double sided adhesive object that you can stick on anything or hook it to your keychain in order to track the exact location of your important items all the time. By using the Tile app which is exclusive to iOS devices, the app itself will automatically notify you if either you or your personal belonging is getting left behind or being taken away from you.

Tile Sensor Mini Tech that Matters

This little gizmo is quite amazing even though at first it may seem insignificant, it has Bluetooth connectivity that links with your iPhone or any iOS device and it also has a GPS locator. This solves the problem of keeping track of your things and a worry less life is a wonderful life. Since Tile is using Bluetooth 4.0 it only works with the latest generation of iOS devices such as the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad touch 5; and what’s more amazing about Tile Tracker is that you don’t have to worry about recharging it, because according to the developer will continue to function for up to one year from its activation date. The range of the Tile Tracker is approximately 100 – 150 feet radius which is huge considering the size of this device, it’s almost unbelievable, but we’re in 2015 now, so try to get over it. If in case your personal belongings got out of range, a crowdsourced solution website called Reveal Labs will help you find you lost items via homing in on the Tile Tracker device that’s unique to your iOS device. Reveal Labs will find the nearest iOS device to your lost/misplaced item and then notify them through the Tile app and in turn, the iOS device user will notify you exactly where your personal belongings are. Nifty trick, isn’t it?!
Because the Tile Tracker uses a very small amount of energy, which is surprising since it’s using Bluetooth 4.0, you can use it 24/7 for up to 11 months, and the developer will send you a notification to have your Tile Tracker replaced.

Tile Tracker Specifications:

Distance Indicator

Tile the tracker sensor The iOS app will give you accurate details about the distance of your personal belongings from where you are and it also points you in the right direction, so you can easily find your items.

Item Ringer

By simply tapping on your iPhone app the Tile Tracker will ring which will guide you to its ringing sound and help you find your stuff.

Phone Finder

If the reverse were to happen in a worse case scenario and your iPhone is the one that got misplaced, then you just simply press the Tile Tracker device and this time it’s your phone that will ring.

Crowd GPS

The real GPS (Global Positioning System) will cost too much to install in the Tile Tracker, not to mention that no GPS uplink will fit in its dimensions, so Tile came up with an inexpensive way to zero in on any Tracker and it’s called Crowd GPS. It works with the assumption that there are a few Tile Tracker users that are moving in a given space and each one will transmit and receive signals to and from your unique Tracker. Once your Tracker has been identified, it will notify you exactly where your lost item is with reference to the nearest Tile Tracker user. It’s almost like a high-tech eco-location of some kind.

Separation Alert

Now you won’t have to worry about leaving things behind, because the separation alert will remind you the instant you leave it.

Tile tracker tracking your belongingsDesign Driven

This Tracker is made of anodized aluminum. The Tile is pretty affordable, each Tile costs $25 only and looking at its advantages it is highly recommend for use rather than losing $250 in your wallet, you credit cards, your IDs and other valuables. In the future Tile will use a battery-less sensor for their Trackers, so that there will be no need for replacement parts or recharging, but for now you can enjoy the Tile Tracker just the same as it has really cool features.

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