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Windows 10 Previewed – Here are the Best features

At a media event on Jan 21, Microsoft revealed the final version of the Windows 10 Operating System. The system will be pushed to desktop devices later this year, but for now a free technical preview is available for download.

Windows 10Here’s a list of the best new features packed in the upcoming Windows 10:

1.  Free Upgrade

Licensed owners of Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 receive Windows 10 as a free upgrade for the first year. It is yet unclear whether the operating system will continue to be free or charged after the year ends.

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What’s new and What is being Removed from Netflix Content – February

Netflix is constantly changing movie and TV shows catalog has users on edge, on loosing their favourite shows and movies and in anticipation of new additions.

Netflix content updateFor the month of February, Netflix has released a list of changes to take place in the media streaming service. Among the bigger names to disappear from the database, several Batman and James Bond movies will be going, as well as ‘Apocalypse Now’. M*A*S*H the TV serial will take the place of MASH the movie, to which we bid farewell.

As promised, the third season of the award-winning ‘House of Cards’ will be premiering on February 27.

Fans of ‘Friends’ can continue their binge watching as the show is not set to expire soon. But neither will any other goldies from the 90’s be making an appearance in February.

So here’s a list of what’s coming and what’s going on:

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WhatsApp Releasing New Features – Now with a Desktop Version

Only last month had rumours of WhatsApp working on a web client been circulating around the tech blogosphere. The unconfirmed rumours did indeed prove true, as the mobile messaging app has finally released a desktop version.

WhatsApp now on your DesktopRather than a native PC client, it works as a web app through Google Chrome. You can now type and receive messages through your desktop browser.

To log in to the web-ready version of WhatsApp you will need to take a picture of QR code shown to you on your desktop’s screen. Since WhatsApp doesn’t use usernames and passwords, this method will help establish an link between accounts.

The web-version is currently only available to users of Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Due to “Apple platform limitations’, iOS users will not be be able to use the slick new app.

Last month the number of active monthly users surpassed 700 million people. The service was bought by Facebook last April for a reported $19 billion in stock and cash.

Your phone is used past the initial login stage as the web-app depends on the phone battery. When the phone dies, so does the WhatsApp connection. A warning is displayed when battery level is low.

Google Fiber Might Be Coming To North Carolina Next

Google Fiber has been making rounds around town and cities in the US and for residents of North Carolina the wait may finally be over soon.

Google FiberAccording to WRAL Techwire, events will held in Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte by Google next week. It could quite possibly be related to Google Fiber which according to the blog’s source, could begin work as soon as April.

Ambiguous invites have been received by several publications including the Charlotte Observer. The events will take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

New Raleigh tweeted yesterday, “Looks like Google Fiber has chosen Raleigh and Durham as its next expansion cities”

It had previously been suggested that the selected cities of North Carolina were shortlisted to receive the Gigabit-speed internet service.

Google Fiber services are provided in Austin,TX, Kansas City, MO and Provo, UT only.

Google has thus far not commented on the matter.

Destined to Rule or Doomed to Fail: A Sneak Peek into the Potentials of Wearable Technology

From smartwatches that buzz to remind you of a missed email to wearable cameras that record and store every waking moment in your day-to-day life, a whole range of wearable devices have surfaced in the tech world in the past couple of years or so.

Wearables - the future or doom?It’s been awhile since wearable technology first came into existence – mostly in the form of experimental, prototype devices that companies used to test the waters before spending big bucks on these next-generation devices. However, it is the much hyped venture by tech heavyweights like Apple (Apple iWatch) and Google (Google Glass) that made everyone ask the million-dollar question: Are we heading towards an era when those fancy gadgets and devices often shown in Hollywood action and sci-fi flicks will finally become a reality?

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Google Project Zero Announces Zero Day Security Exploits in Mac OS X

Last week, Google angered Microsoft be revealing a major security exploit in Windows, before they got the chance to patch with a security update. This week it’s apparently the giant Apple’s turn to take the heat.

Google Project ZeroGoogle’s Project Zero Initiative is responsible for making security disclosures public, as it seeks to put pressure firms into resolving security loopholes more quickly.

The security unit revealed three severe vulnerabilities in the operating system OS X, and they are not of small impact.
The exploits could allow hackers to take over control of your Mac computer.

Each vulnerability, as usual when the Project Zero team discloses them, includes a proof-of-concept exploit.

The exploits include,

1)  “OS X IOKit kernel code execution due to NULL pointer dereference in IntelAccelerator

2)  “OS X IOKit kernel memory corruption due to bad bzero in IOBluetoothDevice.” and includes an exploit related to OS X’s kernel structure.

3)  “OS X networkd “effective_audit_token” XPC type confusion sandbox escape,” which involves circumvention of security in the network system, and it may be mitigated in OS X Yosemite, however, there is really no explanation if this is the case.

Tech giant company, Google, says that in accordance with its policies it notified Apple in October 2014, and details were automatically publicized after the usual 90-day cutoff period, which incurred happened this week.

Many have complained that this puts users at risk blaming Google for informing hackers of the flaw.

Apple has yet to comment. As per the company’s history it will come forward after a solution has been found.

Tech blog, iMore, has reported that an upcoming Yosemite update (10.10.2) is expected to deal with the flaws.
Security analysts and Mac users are concerned that malware writers use those bugs before a solution update is delivered.

The Project Zero was launched in mid-2014 by Google and tasks their researchers with uncovering software exploits that have a potential of putting users at risk for targeted attacks.