Samsung Galaxy Note Edge UK Launch Delayed Until December 12th

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with the rounded spine, the screen curving away and tucking it under the chassis is expected to be another evolutionary step forward in the way of developing the smartphones and therefore the way we’re going to be using phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge BlueFor that reason its release in sales is expected with great interest worldwide.

But it seems that the manufacturer has a bit of bad news for anyone who wanted to pick up Samsung’s unusual Galaxy Note Edge following week. Samsung had intended to open online bookings on November 14 scheduled to go on sale on November 28, but that date passed without any signal of pre-orders.

A Samsung representative has nowadays stated that it’s dealing with a two-week delay, meaning the retail release has been pushed back from November 28th to December 12th.

The company has presented no explanation for the postpone, but presented the unique form factor, it’s totally possible that fabrication is taking a little longer than normal.

Also, the Korean company will have a somewhat limited release in the UK, given its experimental form factor and so far Vodafone is the only UK network which has devoted themselves to sell the smartphone.

This is not the first time, Samsung has suffered release date issues in the last few months. It was pushed to delay the release of the Galaxy Note 4 in the UK following its launch at IFA 2014.

Here you can find a review of the new hardware,

Comcast Adding Data Caps To Their Broadband Services

Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable are now pushing for data caps on their broadband home services, similar to data limits set on regular cellular data plans.

Comcast LogoIn the fall of this year, Comcast initiated a trial run of capped broadband plans of which the lowest data caps were set at 300 GB per month. This Comcast feels is sufficient for the majority of its customers. The trial session was in the southern states, which included Atlanta, Nashville and Charleston which are major markets of the company.

The company has explained that this shift towards capped plans is in response to changes in the market. “As the marketplace and technology change, we do too,” Comcast writes in its FAQ. “We evaluate customer data usage, and a variety of other factors, and make adjustments accordingly. Over the last several years, we have periodically reviewed various plans, and recently we have been analyzing the market and our process through various data usage plan trials.”

In response to this move by Comcast, BGR has claimed that “anyone who has actually looked at changes in the marketplace and technology can tell you that home broadband data caps make absolutely no sense in this context. The amount of things we can do on the Internet now has become more data intensive, from online gaming to watching Netflix streams in 4K.”

Unlimited data access on home internet services has boosted a flourishing growth in online activity on Internet-based applications. This growth in Internet usage can be hindered by the imposition of data caps due to fear of overage fees.

The data caps will allow Comcast to bill consumer’s having excessive data usage, with overage fees raking in more money for the broadcasting company. If FCC allows Comcast to provide Internet “fast lanes” for paid content providers, it can give more power to the company. These “fast lanes” will exclude those companies’ services data from getting capped.

Although many consumer’s will not like this new plan, they have little to no choice to stick with Comcast because in many markets there are absolutely no other options.

Twitter Gives You The Power To Search Their Trillion Documents

The online social network Twitter has acquired worldwide popularity from the start it stands today with approximately more than 500 million users.

Twitter Logo On Phone

But lately Twitter announced that “users can now search through every tweet published in the last eight years”, which sparked a widespread concern among millions of users.

Twitter’s new function implies that users can now find every open tweet posted since the system initially propelled in 2006.

Up to this point, Twitter has utilized a real-time index that holds tweets around a week, putting the focus on the recency in its query outcomes.

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Corning Unveils Their New – And Tougher – Gorilla Glass 4

Protective glass manufactured by Corning can be found on the most relevant smartphone manufacturers. Specifically, Gorilla Glass is being used on three billion phones, including Samsung, LG, Sony and other smartphone brands, offering good protection, but still the screen could not be protected if the phone fall from a certain height. At least not until now.

Corning with a gorilla glassCorning claims that the latest version of the glass is twice as strong than its predecessor – Gorilla Glass 3, what should help to keep the screen safe.

Namely, the recently designed protective material is actually created to make it through collisions with rough surfaces, like the sidewalk, and it’s claimed to be very effective.
While the standard soda-lime glass will usually crack if you drop it from a meter (3.3 feet) above the surface, Gorilla Glass 4 will stay undamaged 80 percent of the time. You can’t be too careless in other words, but the added resistance might mean the distinction among a expensive out-of-warranty repair and carrying on with your day.

“With Gorilla Glass 4, we have focused on significantly improving protection against sharp contact damage, which is the primary reason that mobile devices break,” James Steiner, corporate vice president of Corning Specialty Materials, in a statement. “Dropping and breaking a phone is a common problem, and one that our customers have asked us to help address.”

Corning also announced that it’s currently shipping out experiment samples and shipments for the new glass, so you might expect to see it soon. It’s not identifying clients, but plenty of the largest phone, PC and tablet builders currently use Gorilla Glass, even if they do not often state it by name. There’s a good chance that your upcoming mobile device will be considerably better at surviving a face plant, preferably, you’ll never ever need to uncover this the hard way.

Mozilla Now Accepting Donations – With Bitcoins

Mozilla, the free software community behind the immensely popular internet browser Firefox, is now accepting Bitcoin donations towards the Mozilla Foundation. The non-profit foundation looks toward protecting the open web and supporting open-source developments in its broad community.

Mozilla Foundation LogoDonations will be accepted through Coinbase, the Californian-based Bitcoin wallet service provider, as announced on its blog. As per its policies, Coinbase will not apply any charges for donation processes.

This announcement from Mozilla came shortly after a post on the Bitcoin usersub on Reddit, asking why the Mozilla Foundation does not accept donations using Bitcoins. The Mozilla vice president Geoffrey MacDougall responded by posting a link to the donation page, saying that the much-awaited move was a result of lengthy internal processes on security and compliance.

Other non-profit organisations supporting Open-Sourceness and free Web-based initiatives, like the Wikimedia foundation, have turned to accepting Bitcoin donations in recent months. Mozilla now joins ranks with them accepting digital currency in the facilitation of donations and removing costs linked to legacy payment methods.

On Mozilla’s website, the community outlined their goals on the initiative and declared their stance on the use of the internet: “Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. At Mozilla, we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. We believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future.”

LittleBits’ House-Friendly KitTake – Take А Big Step And Automate Your Everyday Activities

Until now, many Sci-Fi movies has shown us the concept of Smart Homes, or other items that we use regularly, like a car, in which regular operations are automated or smart.
The artificial intelligence is aware of our needs and which it fulfils for us automatically.

Littlebits automating your homeExamples of this concept is that we can take the automatic lowering of blinds if the sun shines too bright, or in the morning, to wake you up with the sweet fresh smell of newly brewed coffee, automatically open doors when we approach it, and much more.
Slowly but definitely this concept and similar devices start to become a reality and LittleBits is that kind of company that wants to contribute to developing this kind of programmed items around you to refer to you as you see fit.

LittleBits has steadily expanded its Lego-like modular electronics platform this year, introducing new pieces that let users connect their creations to the internet and link them up to other hardware platforms like Arduino. Currently, using its latest kit, LittleBits are delivering their DIY philosophy inside your smart home.

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