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Google Project Zero Announces Zero Day Security Exploits in Mac OS X

Last week, Google angered Microsoft be revealing a major security exploit in Windows, before they got the chance to patch with a security update. This week it’s apparently the giant Apple’s turn to take the heat.

Google Project ZeroGoogle’s Project Zero Initiative is responsible for making security disclosures public, as it seeks to put pressure firms into resolving security loopholes more quickly.

The security unit revealed three severe vulnerabilities in the operating system OS X, and they are not of small impact.
The exploits could allow hackers to take over control of your Mac computer.

Each vulnerability, as usual when the Project Zero team discloses them, includes a proof-of-concept exploit.

The exploits include,

1)  “OS X IOKit kernel code execution due to NULL pointer dereference in IntelAccelerator

2)  “OS X IOKit kernel memory corruption due to bad bzero in IOBluetoothDevice.” and includes an exploit related to OS X’s kernel structure.

3)  “OS X networkd “effective_audit_token” XPC type confusion sandbox escape,” which involves circumvention of security in the network system, and it may be mitigated in OS X Yosemite, however, there is really no explanation if this is the case.

Tech giant company, Google, says that in accordance with its policies it notified Apple in October 2014, and details were automatically publicized after the usual 90-day cutoff period, which incurred happened this week.

Many have complained that this puts users at risk blaming Google for informing hackers of the flaw.

Apple has yet to comment. As per the company’s history it will come forward after a solution has been found.

Tech blog, iMore, has reported that an upcoming Yosemite update (10.10.2) is expected to deal with the flaws.
Security analysts and Mac users are concerned that malware writers use those bugs before a solution update is delivered.

The Project Zero was launched in mid-2014 by Google and tasks their researchers with uncovering software exploits that have a potential of putting users at risk for targeted attacks.

Top 5 Wearable Smart Watches Of 2014

With our world going from old fashion to modern, there are so many technologies that just keep being developed by dozens of manufacturers that you can’t even count how many are released in a year. So our topic for today is all about smart watches. First of all, do you even need wearables? Like the first sentence said, there are so many technologies that’s being developed, so why on Earth would you need one? To remain up to date with the latest technology? For your health? Or you just have so much money for vanity that you just spent on things you don’t even need? I mean, buying a smartphone or an iPhone, now that I’m sure you have no qualms in buying since you do need it, but do you know what the advantages of smart watches are?

The Pebble Smart WatchThey are WEARABLE. Sure there might also be disadvantages of them like the battery life, size, price and even the compatibility for other devices but at least it decreases the chance of you losing it because some of it are also waterproof although with a limited time in the water and limited depth of the water.

Here are the lists of the Top 5 Smart watches of 2014:

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The Duplass Brothers To Produce Four Netflix Original Content Films

During the ongoing The Sundance Festival Netflix, along with the other streaming giants, is out and scouting for new content and producers, to extend their vast media directory even more.

The Duplass BrothersAnd they might have hit the jackpot once more, as first reported by, the streaming giant has managed to sign a four-film agreement with the Duplass Brothers Productions partners, Mark and Jay Duplass.
Both who are premiering no less than four high-profile Sundance films,  the drama “The Bronze” starring Mellssa Rauch which premiered Thursday, the animated series Animals which premieres on Monday.
They also had their hand in Patrick Brice’s The Overnight, which stars Taylor Schilling and Jason Schwartzman, as well as the director Sean Bakers Tangerine.

So this will certainly not be their first big deal, counting over 30 previous directing ventures.

As of yet there has been no word regarding what kind of movies the independent duo are going to produce this time, but we are most certain that it will be great, especially with the backing of Netflix.

The Variety caught up with Mark Duplass last year in an interview, and he noted that “the most important part of making a movie is making sure that film streams on Netflix.”

“My first movie made a grand total of $220,000 in theaters but about 5 million people have seen it on Netflix because they can click on it and they can try it out,” he said. “And so I really recommend to get your get goddamn movie on Netflix. It made my career.”

While the brothers are not directing and producing they are both acting as well, Mark Duplass is a regular in the FX’s series, “The League“, while his brother Jay appears in the Amazon Prime production “Transparent”.

With Netflix in their back this will most certainly be a recipe for success, with their well made and high value original content.
And Netflix has “House of Cards” and “Marco Polo” in their back as well.

Mozilla Foundation Releases New Firefox 35.0 Browser

On January 13th, the Mozilla company released its newest upgraded version of the Firefox internet browser, the Firefox version 35.0. Mozilla has apparently made some notable improvements and updates to its latest and greatest version of Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Version 35One the new features of Mozilla’s Firefox 35.0 is its ability to share cellular signals and mobile device Wi-Fi for much more enhanced geolocation services. In addition to the enhanced geolocation functionality, the mobile Firefox 35.0 browser also perceives the Bing search engine now using HTTPS for a more secure manner of searching online.

The Bing search engine first became Mozilla’s default internet search method in the latter part of last year, when Mozilla company agreed to a 5-year partnership with Yahoo. Yahoo has actually been powered by the Microsoft Corp.’s Bing since the year 2010, which was after the company’s 10-years long deal with Google ended in 2014.

Probably one of the biggest and most popular features the new Firefox browser has is its streamlined version of the Hello Firefox video calling service, which is a service that also happens to be plug-in-free.

This latest browser version also has HTTP Public Key Pinning Extensions for improved verification of encrypted connections implemented into its design.

Three of the new HTML5 support attributes Mozilla also added to the Firefox update is support for the CSS front-loading API, the incorporation of resource timing API and the default enabling of CSS filters.

A number of fixes are also seen in this latest Mozilla Firefox 35.0. Among these is a reduction in the use of resources for scaled images, numerous security patches and fixes, and PDF.js has been updated to version 1.0.907.

These fixes also include repairs to the Gecko Media plug-in sandbox escape, uninitialized memory usage during the rendering of bitmaps, miscellaneous memory safety hazards, and cookie inoculation thru Proxy Authenticate response.  Several other features and specs have been added, upgraded and/or updated on the Firefox 35.0

Firefox 35.0 can be downloaded for free for Windows, Linux, and OS X directly from the Mozilla website. Anyone who is currently using an older version of Firefox and downloads this newest one will automatically have the browser updated on their device.

Mozilla also has plans to release Firefox 36.0 sometime late next month. The company has plans for even more feature upgrades and spec updates for its infamous Firefox browser.

The 87th Academy Awards – The Nominations

The 87th Annual Academy Awards is set to take place Sunday, February 22nd at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Hosted by Neil Patrick-Harris, of How I Met Your Mother and Starship Troopers fame, the Oscars will celebrate the year’s greatest films, performances and achievements. But as with every year, not everyone can agree on the films that have made the list, and the films that didn’t.

The Oscar awards 2015

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New Biography about Apple Founder Steve Jobs – Filming Started In Los Altos CA

The new Steve Jobs biopic film, which was written by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, officially began its filming at the Los Altos, CA childhood home of the former Apple CEO this past Friday.

Think Different - Steve jobsOn Friday, January 16th, the official film crews set up shop at the actual house where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak reportedly created the very first Apple computer back in 1976.

The movie has been in production state for years after Sony gained the rights to the original Walter Issacson “Steve Jobs biography” back in 2011, soon after the death of the Apple cofounder. The house was actually chosen from a variety of plausible locations. Aaron Sorkin planned to shoot at a restaurant, a garage and also 2 auditoriums.

The fabled garage was prepped with 1970’s regalia including a Bob Dylan poster and an 8-track player. The story plays out over 3 main scenes and all of three take place before the product presentation of the first Mac, NeXT and the world’s first iPod.

Production had been moving forward at a slow pace due to difficulties finding a proper cast. A number of well-known Hollywood stars have passed on major movie roles. Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale were three named artists who reportedly turned down offers to play major parts in the film.

A director named David Fincher left the crew in early 2014 due to contract term disputes. Daniel Boyle, an Academy Award-winning director is now directing the film and Mark Gordon, Scott Rudin and Guymon Casady are producing it.

In November, Sony dropped the movie as project and Universal Studios took it on only days later.

The cast currently consists of Michael Fassbender as the infamous Steve Jobs, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, and Jeff Daniels is playing the role of John Sculley, the former Apple CEO.