Jimmy Kimmel To Host Awards By Hologram

For a long time the world has dreamed of a time when holographic technology is a part of everyday life, and while there have been high-profile examples before of the entertainment industry picking it up, it has never been done ‘live’ in a mainstream capacity… until next month.

jimmy_kimmel_in_darkThe person lucky enough to be the subject of a holographic appearance is comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel, who on his ABC late-night show will appear on two stages at once for a special November television event.

The network have announced that Jimmy Kimmel Live! will see a segment broadcast directly to live viewers of the 48th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville (Tennessee, USA) as it is happening at the live recording of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles (California, USA).

Scheduled for Wednesday 5 November, the innovative event will be produced by Hologram USA who have the technology to take Kimmel’s live image from one stage to the other for a simultaneous run of his late-night monologue at the awards show.

Making sure the technology cuts both ways, though, Kimmel, after interviewing a first guest from Hollywood, will have a second that is a Country Music Association Award winner that is shown in the studio as a hologram, whilst conducting the interview on the Nashville stage. In addition, the band Florida Georgia Line are to be shown as holograms from the awards show to perform live in a manner that suggests they are on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! outdoor stage. In less remarkable news for the special, the episode will include appearances from CMA Awards host Brad Paisley and married country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Set to air from 11:35pm ET on 5 November, will the holographic innovation being attempted by ABC in this special be something that is quickly replicated by other networks? It could even cut down on travel costs… or something.

Rupert Murdoch Encourages Media Industry To Fight Streaming

The growth of streaming platforms such as Amazon Instant, Hulu, and Netflix is one that is providing viewers with more options than ever before when it comes to consuming content, the only potential downside for those with access possibly being that the industry is losing a little of its tradition, but those that think that and also dislike the Rupert Murdoch media empire may rethink the first point a little.

rupert_murdochThe 84-year-old leader of News Corp./21st Century Fox, who run well-known TV brands such as Fox and Sky along with many news publications, has spoken out about his company’s need to launch a competitor to the likes of Amazon and Netflix in order to get back parts of the market lost.

Speaking at a the Wall Street Journal’s WSK.D technology conference in Laguna Beach (USA) on Wednesday (29 October), Murdoch called on ‘the industry’, presumably everyone not yet on-board with a service of this on-demand streaming thing, to unite and provide a challenge on broadband.

He noted: “As an industry, we need a competitor – a serious competitor – to Netflix and Amazon. I think we’re all on the same page.”

Speaking of HBO’s decision to launch a dedicated stand-alone online subscription service to consumers, he said of what he believed their targets are at present: “They don’t want to get into conflict with them [the cable companies that host the HBO network], so they’re really only aiming at the moment at the 10 million people who don’t get cable.”

He summarised of how that could have been him in charge of HBO’s operations, by way of purchasing parent company Time Warner, in what eventually amounted to a failed bid: “We felt that we needed more critical mass and content and this was a wonderful marriage and fit.”

Murdoch also noted that News Corp. could have been in the streaming game ahead of every other major competitor, noting that their purchase of social media site MySpace (bought for $580m in July 2005, but sold in 2011 for $35m after what Murdoch claimed to be a series of management mistakes, preventing them from realising a video service, one which he claims was in development three months prior to YouTube’s launch.

And it is fortunate it panned out that way, otherwise the whole internet could have had to treat Murdoch with this level of respect:

Richie Rich TV Series Bankrolled By Netflix

Netflix‘s latest move in their incredibly busy run of picking up new content is to head back into the ‘adapt a classic franchise‘ school of thought, with their brand of choice being one of the wealthiest to ever be featured on a comic book or movie screen, this brand, of course, being… Richie Rich.

richie_rich_netflixRather than the 1994 movie the franchise is perhaps more famous for in recent times (which going by the promotional material might be referred to as Ri¢hie Ri¢h), Richie Rich on Netflix will be a rebooted version of the classic comic book series that began in 1953, to initially run over the course of a 21-episode half-hour comedy season, starring Jake Brennan, Joshua Carlon, Jenna Ortega, Lauren Taylor, Kiff VandenHeuvel and Brooke Wexler.

Executive production on the format will come from Brian Robbins (Awesomeness TV), and Tim Pollock and Jeff Hodsden (both The Suite Life of Zack and Cody). The current premiere date is penciled in as ‘early 2015′.

One key change being made to the format is that rather than the titular character having hereditary wealth from his wealthy industrialist father, Richie will in this show be a self-made man after his invention of a “cool new green technology” earns him $1 trillion.

So whether or not this idea will take off amongst critics considering the slight distance they are putting between themselves and the original source material, will Netflix be able to draw many families to this adaptation and form a new generation of Richie Rich fans? ‘Moral guardians’ of TV shows out there might be pleased at the message the Netflix show will get across about entrepreneurship, just as long as the child isn’t left home alone at any point along the way:

Hulu Take On Casual New Series

While Netflix’s recent surge of content acquisition has been comparatively frantic when put against past industry developments, one of their closest rivals, Hulu have been decidedly more relaxed over the idea of original content, stopping off only the odd few times to pick up something new that they like, such as Casual.

jason_reitmanFollowing on from a pick-up of an adaptation to Stephen King time-travel novel 11/23/63, the planned new single-camera comedy is to begin production this year with their new full season order commissioned this week.

The series comes from the mind of Jason Reitman (Juno, Men Women & Children), who has laid out a story that looks to delve into ‘the complications of the family dynamic’. The premise will see a bachelor and his divorced sister living under the same roof whilst raising the latter’s teenage child, with the pair offering each other support and guidance in re-entering the dating game after their respective troubles.

Viewers in 2015 will be able to see 10 episodes of the show when it is launched, with Reitman confirmed as the director of the pilot. He will be teaming up with Zander Lehmann as a co-writer for the format. Lionsgate TV will produce the series, following on from their work on Hulu breakout series Deadbeat.

Reitman summarised the project, stating, “I’ve long looked for the right first step into episodic storytelling. In Zander Lehmann, I have found the perfect collaborator. His writing is hilarious and provocative.”

Head of content for Hulu who have just renewed a content deal with Viacom, Craig Erwich said, “Jason Reitman uniquely blends comedy and drama in a way that touches the human spirit. We are honored to work with him to bring the next distinctive voice, Zander Lehmann, to television.”

Well not quite television, but definitions don’t really matter all that much when the show itself has a name like, well…

Most Gruesome Movie Deaths Released In Time For Halloween

In the places around the world where Hallowe’en is celebrated, the USA is arguably the place where the whole ‘horror’ theme gets toned down a little, with many children going trick-or-treating as cowboys and princesses rather than ghosts and vampires.

greatest_worst_movie_deathHopefully looking to address that trend on the big day this year will be movie vignette sequel ABCs of Death 2, a feature release for 31 October that will include a numerically-appropriate 26 short stories detailing some of the most unusual and gruesome ways to die.

And as original as the idea for the comedy horror franchise is, all ideas come from something, and the inspiration for the 26 directors of the Ant Timpson and Tim League-created anthology will lie with the entire history of ‘death in movies’.

To celebrate that particular niche of interest, and to promote ABCs of Death 2, the directors have compiled a supercut complication of their favourite moments of death ever to appear in a cinema, ranging from the horrific to the tragic to the unintentionally hilarious.

The compilation in full can be seen below:


Along with the trailer for the movie being promoted, ABCs of Death 2:


The main themed movie (albeit a slightly more conventional one) it will be competing with this Hallowe’en, Horns:


And finally, a little something to calm any distressed children down, should they have seen any of this before going to bed:

Hulu to Stream Classic Nickelodeon Cartoons In Renewed Viacom Agreement

Hulu have teamed up with Viacom to bring thousands of classic cartoons from the 1990’s. Hulu Kids can now enjoy watching shows such as The Ren & Stimpy Show, Drake & Josh, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold!, amongst others.

ren-stimpy-huluThe ongoing deal which started back in 2012 will also offer programming from other Viacom networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, TVLand, Spike, BET, and Logo bringing shows such as Catfish, Key & Peele, Drunk History, Inside Amy Schumer, 16 & Pregnant, Snooki & JWoww, Workaholics, Hot in Cleavland, and Faking It amongst others.

Speaking for Hulu, senior vice president and head of content, Craig Erwich said, “Today, I am excited to share the news that we are extending our partnership with Viacom—to continue bringing thousands of episodes from some of Viacom’s most popular series and a selection of kids content to Hulu.”

Hulu will also be offering a number of Latino kid’s content available in the Spanish language such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.