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Should You Be Excited About The Nvidia Shield Console

Come May and we will witness Nvidia’s first foray into the TV console gaming market. The graphics giant, more known for its cutting edge GPUs, has been for the last couple of years trying to branch into a market dominated by the other three big players: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Nvidia Shield consoleThe Shield “Microconsole” which was recently announced by Nvidia, happens to be the company’s third offering in the Shield lineup (the other two are the Shield tablet and the Shield handheld gaming console.)

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The console which Nvidia calls the “Android TV console” is to come with a very powerful Tegra K1 processor, a Maxwell-generation GPU and 3 gigs of ram, running a version of Android.

The Shield’s hardware specs are weaker than both the PlayStation 4 and the XBox One, with Nvidia claiming performance figures to be twice that of the previous generation PS3 and the Xbox 360. However, what sets the Shield apart from its competitors is its advertised ability to stream 1080p resolution 60 fps gaming into your TV (where all the computing is done by Nvidia’s server farms via Nvidia’s grid service).

Needless to say, stable, high-speed internet connectivity is a must-have for this feature, with Nvidia recommending 15 Mbps.

Not only that, some of the year’s most anticipated games which include the latest iterations of the Witcher and Metal Gear Solid saga, will be available on launch for the Shield. Although the initial library will be small, this will likely be expanded rapidly in the future and with both AAA and Android games made available. So, if there’s one thing that you can be certain of about the forthcoming Shield console, it’s the obvious fact that  running out of good games is unlikely to be an issue – ever!

Nvidia’s approach certainly throws a new insight into the gaming industry. As today’s state-of-the-art hardware becomes average and then obsolete within a span of not more than 2-3 years, Nvidia’s champion with its cloud computing prowess could save a lot in expensive and regular hardware updates. Also, with its versatility and ability to stream 4k video output, Shield definitely has the potential to entice a lot of PC gamers who are looking to play their games on bigger screens and also want the accessibility of a console.

However, while the Tegra K1 processor is very capable, it will no doubt be surpassed by something more powerful sooner rather than later – especially if we choose to take the pace set in the Smartphone market as an indicator. This implies that Nvidia may be banking more on a strategy of much faster console upgrades, compared to current industry practice of following usually ten year cycles.

Even with its purported versatility, Nvidia’s offering may not get enough time to build its fan base before being eclipsed by the next upgraded model. Consumers may also shy away from the fact that while they will have upgrade their more traditional consoles once every ten years, going with the Shield might entail a more frequent and hence expensive upgrade cycle.

However, with the Shield being priced at $ 199 in the US, it is also cheaper than its competitors. This might assuage some of the upgrade fears. If the Shield can achieve its potential, very soon we might have a device that is not only capable of streaming 4k resolution output; but is also a dedicated gaming console to boot.

So, do you think Nvidia’s Shield has the potential to make it big in the worldwide gaming console market? Feel free to share your thoughts using the comment box below.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Samsung’s Latest Jab Against Apple’s Smartphones

Are you one of those people who simply love gadgets? Those people who wants the latest and the best? Well there are so many brands of phone to choose from like Blackberry, Apple, Nokia, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, etc. Above all these for me, I think the most developed brand is Samsung. Why you say? I mean every year they have like so many brand new phones and tablets released. And it is known to be great too.

Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 So the latest… the “in” phones these days are usually the big ones.  Touch screen and with a big screen, the bigger the better though the downside is that you can’t simply put it in your pocket. Samsung just released the A and E series and now they have a new one… the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

When you look at the Galaxy S6 edge, you will notice that the edges are somewhat of a combination of glass and metal. That is because this phone is inspired with the work of glassblowers and artisan metalsmith. It is absolutely stunning with its beautiful curves and radiant glass surface, that when reflected to the sun, shows all sort of fantastic colors. It also comes in four colors: Black Sapphire, White Pearl, Gold Platinum and Emerald Green.

Samsung Galaxy note edgeIt is a 5.1 QUAD HD Super AMOLED 2560 X 1440, 577 PPI, Dual edge. No need to worry about taking a picture as it has a 16MP IOS resolution at the rear and a 5MP resolution at the front camera. It also has a F1.9 aperture which means clearer photos and it’s a fast camera too. It is also has a built-in wireless charging capabilities and it charging speed it about 1.5 times faster than previous models and its 10 minutes charging is equivalent to 4 hours of battery life.

Another fun fact about Galaxy S6 edge is that you can color code the contacts on your phone. All you have to do is simply tap the contacts color on the Edge display and voila, you can text, call, and email them. It’s fun to do and what’s more is that it helps you a lot because now you have no problem identifying the person that is contacting you, even if you phone is upside down or a little too far away for you to read the name.

Worried about securities? Well some have passwords and patterns but with Galaxy S6 edge, it has an enhanced security, now with features of KNOX and fingerprint scanner. It can also be paired with a Samsung Smart TV via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) with just a simple touch. Now you can watch movies from your Galaxy to your TV screen or share a TV show currently showing to your phone. The con about this is that its only available when paired with a Samsung H5500 series Smart TV or subsequent model. It also has s Smart Manager application which lets you check some useful information such as storage, RAM, battery status, security and more with just a glance away.

Samsung Galaxy Note edge with penWhat are you waiting for? Go get yourself this Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with a price of £760.00. A little pricy? Well its worth every penny!

Mad Max Finally Returns in Fury Road, Without Mel Gibson

It isn’t often that a film reboot is actually made by the same writer and director, but Australian born filmmaker George Miller decided it was time to go back to the film series that put Mel Gibson on the map. The first Mad Max came out in 1979, in a not too distant apocalyptic future where society is on the brink of complete collapse. Gibson plays the role of police officer Max, who loses his best friend, wife and son to a murderous gang of criminals, in his journey of vengeance and inevitable insanity as a man with nothing to lose. Miller went on to write and direct a further two films in the Mad Max universe; The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome (1981 and 1985 respectively). But it has taken almost 30 years for another film in the series.

Mad Max Tom Hardy strappedBack in 1998, George Miller was crossing the road in Los Angeles when he had an idea for a fourth film set in the Australian outback. By the time he reached the other side of the road, he thought to abandon the idea. At this point, Miller had said all he had to say about a post-apocalyptic world where the last remaining humans fought over gasoline. But a year later the idea grew, and instead of fuel, this time the gangs fought over control of human beings. Just as things started to come together, shooting was scheduled to take place in 2001 but 9/11 happened, the resulting collapse of the American dollar to the Australian dollar led to incredible hikes in production costs, to the point where it was no longer a viable project. With Mad Max on the back burner, Miller turned his attention to Happy Feet instead, a little more family friendly film.

With Mad Max Fury Road hitting the cinemas, a title has never been more fitting to how difficult the road has been to get this film made. Having taken over 17 years before production even began, there were plenty more obstacles for Miller to navigate. When the fourth Mad Max was ready to move into production, problems developed in Mel Gibson’s personal life; arrested for drink driving, altercation with a police officer, as well as anti-Semitic rants, Max went a little too Mad. Miller then turned his attention to a new lead, as his vision of Mad Max was still young, so Heath Ledger was considered before his untimely death in 2008.

The lead role eventually went to Tom Hardy, the English actor who first graced the big screen in 2001’s Black Hawk Down, before starring in a string of hugely successful roles such as Bronson (2008), Inception (2010) and then as Batman’s nemesis Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. With everything in place to start filming in 2010, Miller wanted to return to his native Australian outback but found that the once arid, desolate desert was now a lush and fertile land due to the first flood in years. Switching location to the Namibia desert in Africa, a 1200 mile stretch of barren land which is mostly uninhabited, proved to be a challenging task for the 1700 strong cast and crew. Five months later and the film was finally wrapped, and being the traditional action film director he is, George Miller insisted on using very little CGI and green screen, instead opting for practical stunts in a hostile Namibian desert.

After a 30 year hiatus from the Mad Max universe, and having taken a slight family-friendly detour on the way on projects Babe: Pig in the City and Happy Feet, George Miller is finally ready to return to the gritty, violent post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max. This time with Tom Hardy as Max and Charlize Theron as truck driver Furiosa in an attempt to save human slaves captured by gang leader Immorten Joe played by Hugh Keays-Byrne.

Mad Max Fury Road hit the cinema the 15th of May this year.

Drive Director Starts Shooting New Film ‘The Neon Demon’

Nicolas Winding Refn, the Danish director behind 2011’s Drive and Only God Forgives in 2013, both starring Ryan Gosling, has announced he is shooting his latest project. Refn’s production company Space Rocket Nation has announced that The Neon Demon will see Refn venture into the horror genre as it follows a young model moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career. Starring Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks and Keanu Reeves, the film has started shooting and is planned for a 2016 release date. Set in Los Angeles again, some loose details of the plot have been revealed, including a predominately female cast set in LA.

The Neon Demon PosterRefn has been reluctant in revealing too much details about  the plot, but after shooting Drive in Los Angeles, he felt compelled to film their again after falling in love with the city. Elle Fanning joins the cast as the lead actress, the aspiring model who moves to Los Angeles in the hope of making it but is faced by a group of beauty obsessed women who covet her youth and vitality. Reeves and Hendricks roles in the film are unclear at the moment but what is rumoured there will be elements of voodoo and cannibalism, no doubt spliced with social commentary and satire on the world of supermodels.

The Neon Demon returns Refn to Los Angeles after his last outing took him to Bangkok, Thailand for Only God Forgives. The film reunited the writer/director with Ryan Gosling after Drive, but wasn’t as successful with both critics and audiences alike. The revenge film set in the criminal underworld of Bangkok, follows Gosling as drug-smuggling Julian who is compelled by his mother to find and kill the murderer of his brother. The making of the film was documented in Refn’s wife Liv Corfixen in 2014’s My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, as it followed the director during production as well as release.

Bronson’s earlier successful film, Bronson, starred Tom Hardy and was based on the real life criminal Michael Peterson and his alter-ego, Charles Bronson. Set in England during the 1970s through to present day, it follows the transformation of a petty criminal sentenced to seven years who became consumed with his Charles Bronson character, resulting in a further 34 years in prison.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1970 to a director and cinematographer, Nicolas Winding Refn moved to New York when he was young and subsequently moved into the film industry. His first film, Pusher, was released in 1996 and made in his native country, where it focussed on a drug pusher who grows desperate after a failed drug deal lands him with a large debt to a drug lord. Refn went on to film two further sequels titled With Blood on my Hands and I’m the Angel of Death released in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Nicolas Winding Refn has made a name for himself with his unique visual style of neon, vibrant colours and saturated visuals.

The Neon Demon is scheduled for release in 2016.

From Kitchen Utensils To Kitchen Gadgets

Do you have difficulties in cooking? Or having a hard time in using your kitchen utensils? Well, here’s the best solution for your problems. New prototypes of kitchen gadgets that helps you cook your food perfectly have arrived, and they are all state-of-the-art and very practical. Cooking gadgets that can be controlled through the use of your smartphone – some are even programmable.

Here are the top 8 kitchen gadgets that will elevate our system of cooking to a whole new level.

The Palate Home GrillPalate Home Smart Grill

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New Innovation In Ergonomics Keyboard – Introducing The Buzzy Keyboard!

Mastering the art of typing is essential for general office work and other data inputting jobs. When the typewriter was invented, the average typing speed that a person can do is approximately 40 words per minute (wpm); however, the world record speed was held by Carole Bechen in 1959 on a manual typewriter and he typed 176 wpm. On an electric typewriter Stella Pajunas holds the record back in 1946 as she punched 216 wpm on an IBM machine and her record has never been broken even by modern computer keyboards. Can you believe it?! The fastest man on a personal computer is Gregory Arakelian typed 158 wpm in 1991 using his personal computer, Stella Pajunas could give him a head start of 50 words but he’ll still fall behind after 3 minutes. So what do these world records tell us? Ergonomics. Yes, ergonomics! The study of people’s efficiency in their working environment and fortunately the Buzzy Keyboard might help in setting a new speed record.

The Buzzy keyboard beeRaider The Buzzy keyboard was designed by Ray McEnaney in an effort to address the many medical issues related to the use of computer keyboards in decades since. One example is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which causes numbness in the arms and hands of the user, McEnaney hopes that with his efficient keyboard design, there will be a significant improvement with these types of disease. But McEnaney did not just envisioned to help cure related diseases and he wanted people to excel in typing speed and efficiency as well. Before he created the Buzzy keyboard, McEnaney had a great deal of difficulties in using the old QWERTY keyboard making him inefficient and inaccurate. With this he discovered a flaw on QWERTY keyboards and that is the way the keys are arranged is in itself inefficient, so he overhauled it and came up with the ingenious idea about the Buzzy keyboard.

This BeeRaider keyboard is also known as the “bee in flight,” where the keyboard layout is somewhat like a flying bee with two wings, thus the name. As McEnaney designed it, he put the useful key letters on the center which will make it easy to locate them when you’re typing. He also put the letter keys on either side of the center keys so that you won’t press it unintentionally. He made certain that the angles of the placement of your hands and fingers are within reach stretching out from the center keys, so you won’t strain yourself in typing and in due time, learn to type faster and with near perfect accuracy. If you’re used to the old QWERTY keyboard like me, then you may find the Buzzy keyboard a bit confusing; however, after a week or so you will get the hang of it and I promise you, it’s quite fun to use it. I might even switch from my old keyboard to this one soon.

Close up on the beeraider - the buzzy keyboardAs you go on using the Buzzy keyboard you will notice a big change in your typing skills which will soon turn into your typing habit. We’ll be expecting great news following its development, and who knows?! You could be the next one to break the typing speed record! But according to Kristy Snyder, a cognition and cognitive neuroscience researcher at Vanderbilt University, changes of keyboard layout won’t guarantee improvements in your typing skills, since people vary in their habits of exposing themselves to their computers. Maybe you could train yourself to use the Buzzy keyboard first and then master between a week to a month or so. You’ll find it convenient to do just about anything on your computer, from basic documents, spreadsheets, video and audio editing and graphics.

The Buzzy keyboard will cost $112.49 for pre-orders, you can also avail BeeRaiders keyboard from your mobile phone, it only functions with Android phones and the app of BeeRaider will cost $1.92. This could be the best high-end ergonomically compliant keyboard to date and it’s going to be cheaper once it’s out there in the market.