Tetris Movie Plans Falling Into Place

Movies are being made more and more often out of popular video game concepts as continues to be demonstrated, the latest of which is going back a few decades for the film industry’s most recent inspiration… namely a game first produced in 1984.

tetris_blocksThat game set to be put in the cinematic spotlight, bafflingly, is puzzle classic Tetris, under the supervision of Threshold Entertainment.

With production assistance for Threshold coming in the form of The Tetris Company’s official backing to the project, the format has been described as that of a ‘live-action sci-fi movie’, as The Wall Street Journal reports.

Larry Kasanoff, the CEO of Threshold Entertainment (and previously gave a film adaptation to the much easier video game subject of Mortal Kombat), said of the “very big, epic” adaptation: “This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page” he continued. “We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes. Brands are the new stars of Hollywood. We have a story behind Tetris which makes it a much more imaginative thing. What you [will] see in Tetris is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance.”

Coming off the back anniversary celebrations regarding its original Game Boy release, it seems as though Tetris will be in cinemas at some point in the future, and a check of the date will tell you it is still 6 months away from being 1 April. The makers of this 2012 video will be feeling quite proud of themselves at satirically predicting the future, but hopefully the real thing will have some high-budget quality behind it, even if it would need to distance itself a little from what Tetris is to most people:

After it comes out, though, we will then be able to look forward to Threshold making a sports movie, an inspirational adaptation of Pong

Google Hint That Lollipop Will be New Android OS

The debate over what Google will call their next new edition of the Android operating system is one which now occurs as soon after the previous one is confirmed, with the only real clue being that it will be something candy or sweet-related.

google_cakeIn the case of Google’s planned new Android system with an unknown version number at present (a follow up to v.4.4 a.k.a. ‘KitKat’), it was fairly established that they’d come up with something ‘L’ related for the name, possibly citrus-themed. But in a picture revealed to celebrate the American company’s 16th anniversary, some have claimed that Google dropped the biggest hint yet as to the system’s identity, sitting at the top in multiple variations.

Unless the cake happens to be lemon-flavoured, the picture implies that the long-codenamed ‘Android L’, due for a reveal next month, will go by the name of ‘Android Lollipop’, and expected to be launched alongside the Google Nexus 9 tablet computer and Google Nexus 6 smartphone.

Celebrating the day it first displayed the number of pages it had indexed back in 1998, Google’s ‘Sweet 16′ is being marked rather literally, but while it has a very sweet name, will the new operating system (with planned new features including improved security, more focus on voice control functions, and greater compatibility with newer Google products) be something that their userbase licks and enjoys the taste of? Just so long as Google doesn’t get spoiled during their celebrations:

PlayStation TV Given Introductory Video Overview For Europe

The upcoming set-top box from Sony known as ‘PlayStation TV’, already existent in its home country of Japan (where it is known as ‘PS Vita TV’) and soon to do so in the USA (as of 14 October), amongst other markets, is preparing for a multi-national release in Europe on 14 November, and have begun the process of helping some of its potential new users prepare.

playstation_tvThe product’s impending release in two and six weeks, respectively, will give the product a much wider coverage on the global market, and Sony will be hoping that the PSTV can make a strong starting impression. To let users know what they could be buying, they have unveiled an official minute-long clip introducing the product and its features in both gaming and streaming purposes.

The official video description notes of the device: “PlayStation TV is a sleek and compact console with hundreds of Playstation games available to download or stream. Whether using as a second console for your bedroom or the primary gaming system in your living room, PlayStation TV is an easy way for gamers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy playing games together.”

Set to release at a price of £84.99/€99.99 with 1GB built-in storage and 3 free games, will the PlayStation TV grow its reputation with their European release? Some people not in the continent will already know first-hand what the product is all about, but for those who don’t:

Samsung Brings Curveness To Computer Screens

Samsung’s release of curved 3D 4K HD smart TV sets in recent times is something that the rest of the industry, bar a few other major companies, has a little catching up to do, though it now appears as if the South Korean giants will pull out the same status on the market of PC monitors.

samsung_curved_pc_monitorHaving previously unveiled curved TV sets and smartphones, Samsung are preparing American shelves for their new range of ‘SD590C curved PC monitors’, with a USA-only release to begin with initially.

The product, described as a ’27-inch LED screen’, carries a 1920 x 1080 resolution and ‘4000R curvature’, aiming to provide the set with a wider wider field of view than that of a more traditional flat screen of the same size.

Elsewhere on the product, users will be able to enjoy audio from the screen’s in-built ‘5-Watt, 2-channel dual stereo speakers’, with support available for HDMI, D-sub, and DisplayPort. connectivity, as well as a ‘Game Mode’ for fans of PC gaming that is able to sense scene changes whilst automatically adjusting colour/contrast settings and audio enhancements accordingly.

Set to be released tomorrow (1 October) in the USA for $429.99, will the Samsung SD590C be able to make an impact on an untested part of the technology market with a screen looking like it has had an impact on itself?

Lost Producer Claims Show Is Not Over Yet

The ABC drama/mystery series Lost was a highly successful one that lasted for 6 seasons from 2004 to 2010, but an executive producer on the format has suggested that such a sentence could soon be quickly altered to “is a highly successful one”.

lost_promoCarlton Cuse, a co-writer and executive producer of Lost, has made the claim that a return of the Lost franchise in some form in the future is something that is “inevitable”. Whether that would be a full continuation of the original seems unlikely, but Cuse, speaking as the show is in midst of 10th anniversary premiere celebrations, is of the belief that the show’s universe, in particular the mysterious island the main show takes place on, is ripe for fresh content and a slightly different perspective.

Cuse summarised his thoughts on the future of the series, and what he compares it to: “Disney owns the franchise, it made them a lot of money, it’s hard to imagine it will just sit there idly forever. Damon [Lindelof] and I told our story in that world and I assume someone will come along, hopefully having been inspired by our story, or our version of the story, and want to tell their own story. It’s like the Narnia chronicles.

“There are seven books, they were all written by CS Lewis, but they all visit Narnia at different times and different configurations and different ways. Someone is going to come up with a way to tell another Lost story. I think it’s inevitable. I don’t know what it is or how it would work, but I can’t imagine something else won’t be done with the franchise.”

Whether the Lost brand will ever be officially seen on TV again remains as much a mystery right now as some of its in-show headscratchers, so for now the anniversary just has to make do with loving tributes:

Tesco Drop Clubcard TV Streaming Service

In an age of companies falling over themselves in order to get out a streaming competitor to the likes of Netflix, it is rare to hear about one that closes down, but Clubcard TV, the service of British supermarket chain Tesco, seems to be showcasing a crash and burn that may occur to other poorly-received challengers in the not-too-distant future.

clubcard_tv_homepageClubcard TV is apparently to shut down after a period of just a year and a half since launch, with Tesco informing users of the service (who despite the naming affiliation with Tesco’s Clubcard supermarket reward system, is a free ad-supported streaming option) that they have until 28 October to finish watching what they want to watch on the Netflix-style service.

The reasoning behind the closure is claimed to be the fact that the service is recieving few repeat viewers, which would say something either about the rights held or the service itself and public perception of it.

An official Tesco statement on the matter noted: “We have taken the decision to close the Clubcard TV service, which means that unfortunately you won’t be able to watch the library of movies and TV on the service from October 28. Until then everything will carry on as normal, so there’s still time to finish off a series or catch a movie.”

Tesco, however, expected to make an announcement regarding a ‘Hudl 2′ budget tablet computer at the end of this week, will retain their Blinkbox Movies purchase and rental platform, so are not completely out of the streaming game, but how big a blow will it be to have shut down the service they started and fully-branded? It probably won’t be the beginning of a full-on Tesco demise, though, that supermarket stuff has been going pretty well for them…