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iHeartRadio comes to TiVo set-top boxes

TiVo set-top boxes will be bringing digital radio service, iHeartRadio, to TV screens everywhere soon as announced by the radio service company.

iHeartRadioiHeartMedia (formerly known as Clear Channel),an American mass media company, is the parent company which owns iHeartRadio. It closely competes with Pandora, by offering both terrestrial radio and streaming services online.

Through the service you can create custom smart stations, tailor-made to your preferences by using algorithms and curators. It can also stream a terrestial station to a number of ifferent connected devices.

TiVo’s user base includes the older generation which are more inclined to listen to traditional radio, thus making the integration of TiVo with iHeartRadio feasible.

iHeartRadio will also be able to pick up new users whilst catering to casual users who usually use another service.

A new app will be available in the next week bringing the integration to TiVo Roamio, TiVo Mini, and TiVo Premiere devices.

Twitter withdraws Website Analytics in attempt to Push users towards Cards

Twitter’s in-built analytics tool appears to have retired from the site without any announcement. The feature was launched over a year ago which allowed website owners to track links tweeted to their websites and see how many users clicked on them.

Twitter CardsThe tool no longer appears under the analytics option in Twitter’s ad product.

Just as with the tool’s launch, Twitter has not formally acknowledged its removal. The website analytics tool was noted for its ease-of-use which could be accessed by adding a piece of code to your website’s homepage.

Data on detailed analytics about your website’s most popular content and the most-clicked Twitter links to your website can still be accessed by setting up Twitter Cards integrated into your website. Before the setup however, you need to apply for approval.

Compared to the previous analytics tool, Twitter card doesn’t quite deliver the same amount of information. It does not track number of favorites, retweets and replies. It is instead combines into an count labelled ‘Engagements’.

The disappearance of the tool might be an attempt to push users towards Twitter Cards. It enables rich previews of content among other things.

The Winklevoss Twins Launch Bitcoin Exchange Exclusive for the US

The Winklevoss twins of Facebook fame have been dabbling in Bitcoin-related ventures the past few years with not much progress. Perhaps venturing into the first regulated Bitcoin exchange for customers in the US, will change their luck.

The Winklevoss TwinsGemini will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoins for US Dollars. It is set to begin operations in the next couple of months.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have attracted engineers from big-name hedge funds and based the company in New York City. It currently staffs just over a dozen employees.

Bitcoin has been under attack in the past year in numerous cyber attacks. Notable exchanges like Mt. Gox and Bitstamp have taken a heavy blow.

Gemini says that it will ensure safety and provide a secure Bitcoin exchange for individuals and businesses. It will fully comply with cryptocurrency and consumer protection laws and regulations, by working closely with federal and state governments.

To help ensure that money belonging users stays within the US, Gemini has partnered with a New York State- chartered bank. It is eligible for FDIC insurance.

The year of 2013 saw Bitcoin’s peak value of $1200, but has since dropped to $230.

Twitter Brings Bing Translation Back

Twitter announced on its official twitter page that it will resume its partnership with Bing to translate tweets from multiple languages.
Bing has previously been removed from Facebook as their preferred search engine, which might have been because the social media giant has been developing their own search engine.
Twitter logoThere might also be a reason that they want to show more related content to their users, not involving third parties where they can’t really influence the result.

The translation feature has been appearing and disappearing the last months. However, a couple of weeks ago the feature reappeared on Tweetdeck.

The option to enable translations is available through account settings by selecting ‘Show Tweet translations.’

To use the feature, a globe icon can be found on the tweet and clicked upon to reveal a wall of text translation below the original tweet. You can also click on the “click to translate” prompt below the tweet in expanded view.

According to Twitter, translation is available on, Tweetdeck and the Android and iOS apps.

Microsoft announces new Wearable product – The HoloLens

At the Windows 10 Launch event this week, Microsoft sparked excitement over a new product announcement: the new HoloLens computer. It resembles a pair of ski goggles and displays holograms overlayed over the real world.

Microsoft HoloLensApart from being digital eyewear,its uses and design is much different than Google Glass. And that may be a good thing seeing how Google Glass halted sales a few days ago.

“If you are in the head-mounted display business then, yes, I would think you would take into account what has happened with Google Glass,” Gartner analyst Brian Blau said via email to PC World. “While a direct comparison isn’t really fair, as HoloLens and Glass are really different products, I think that Microsoft will have a few key points to consider.”

Google Glass has struggled with image quality. This is where Microsoft has upped the ante and displaying high-quality images.

“In the case of Glass, the graphics fidelity is low, and I always felt that it was lacking in the category so much that the device would be limited by the type and amount of information that could be displayed,” Blau said after testing the product.

According to Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research, the device in contrast to Glass is not meant to be worn constantly but rather in specific situations. Its bulky appearance is not something many would wish to wear in public, opposed to Glass’s minimalist design.

“Google envisioned their device being perfectly normal for a person to wear out to dinner. Microsoft doesn’t see that. On first pass, Microsoft is taking a much more targeted approach than Google,” said Campbell.

HoloLens will be used for specific tasks. In the event, Microsoft demonstrated it being used to make Skype calls, play immersive video games or control industrial design software. It can be used primarily at home or the workplace.

“There’s a market in business, gaming and consumer, but I think the market will be around specific tasks rather than the general approach Google took with Glass,” Campbell said.

Apps of HoloLens will also work on Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset acquired by Facebook. The user experience will be different between the two products, which as Blau says is because Rift tracks movement differently than HoloLens.

“I’m sure you’ll see many apps that can cross over, but because HoloLens has a semi-opaque display and Rift has a fully immersive display, there will be many apps that just don’t make sense on the other device,” he said.

The new device will be tied to Windows 10. Developers are awaiting details on price and a release date to start creating apps.

“Developers will need more information before committing significant resources, especially volume manufacturing. Microsoft needs to sell a lot of units to entice developers, which means apps that are integrated with Windows 10,” said Campbell.

Windows 10 Previewed – Here are the Best features

At a media event on Jan 21, Microsoft revealed the final version of the Windows 10 Operating System. The system will be pushed to desktop devices later this year, but for now a free technical preview is available for download.

Windows 10Here’s a list of the best new features packed in the upcoming Windows 10:

1.  Free Upgrade

Licensed owners of Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 receive Windows 10 as a free upgrade for the first year. It is yet unclear whether the operating system will continue to be free or charged after the year ends.

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