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2015 Apple Watch the First Wearable Technology of Apple

After a three years of devising, improving and developing now the long wait is over. Apple’s most rumored, long-waited, and frequently gossips new and first wearable technology product the Apple Watch or iWatch was successfully released to be added on their successful line up of iPod, iPad, and iPhone and was made available in the market of electronic gadgets and wearable fashion accessories.

2015 Apple Watch the First Wearable Technology of Apple Apple watch is designed not just to be accurately functional but also trendy and fashionable that will suit both practical and stylish person alike. It is designed from traditional watch to modern fancy style and many more designs are all available. All Apple Watch are extensively customizable and easily interchangeable straps. One Apple Watch can be transformed into a million different appearances. In fact Apple has partnered with many fashion designers including the French designer boutique the Collete and other leading fashion brands to promote their device in fashion arena as fashion accessories.

It is designed as a collectable item of watch in three different collections which are the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports, and Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch is available in many different colors and materials in six different types of colorful and artistic straps.

Apple has been successful in unveiling the majestic features of their Apple Watch. It is expected to be available in the early of year 2015 with the starting price of $349 which is justifiable for the consumers and all Apple fanatics. It is a featured wearable technology for social media thus the Apple Watch is designed and created to be a companion of Apple’s iPhone. Indeed it is a full package device and a wearable fashion accessory. While it keep you updated in time also it can accept and reject calls, receive and sent messages, can receive app alerts, updates social status and social media notifications.

Apple aims to develop the Apple watch to be more user-friendly and easy to use for a more convenient and comfortable usage thus the following features are developed, designed and added. They designed the “Digital Crown” for a quick control like zooming, scrolling, selecting functions and going directly to homepage. A  button is also created below the Digital Crown that serves as a contact button and allow user to see the contacts, reply and send quick messages, emoji, images and even  your own heartbeat. Apple watch is designed also to be your health fitness partner which allow you to track your exercises and daily activities like how many time spent for exercise, how much calorieMockup of the Apple iWatchs burned and how far distance traveled. Apple watch help you stay healthy while wearing it. They also take advantage on the vibration-based feedback system and its water resistant capability.

Apple has designed S1 Processor chip firsthand for the Apple Watch to be able to manage the gyroscope, accelerometer and a heart rate sensor. It is also integrated with GPS and Wi-Fi. Other features includes Apple Watch Display capability, incredibly accurate timepiece, a pressure sensing technology called Force Touch, Taptic Engine that will let users feel and respond to notifications easily and intuitively, NFC and Apple Pay which is the new payment initiative by Apple, and its Inductive Charging with the use of Magsafe-style magnetic charger.

Apple Watch uses its personally designed operating system the Watch OS. The Watch OS can perform several functions and it will enable to connect to iPhone. Watch OS makes Apple Watch dream comes to a reality in achieving its goal for a better social interactions. With the Digital Touch user can send taps to each other and can draw and send simple drawings and sketches with a simple touch to the screen. The Siri integration can perform many of the tasks like the personal assistant in iPhone. More apps of Apple Watch include Phone app, Messages app and Mail app for phone call, messages and incoming email. Other built in apps also includes camera and photo gallery, Apple TV and iTunes, clock, weather, music, passbook, calendar, maps, weather and settings.

Apple is very successful in its legacy of bringing comfort and convenience to the social life of every people around the world. For now Apple production is very limited! So, grab one now while it’s in low price rate and enjoy life to the fullest.

Stuntmen Deserve Oscar Recognition

The Academy Awards, for all its glorifying of great performances and well directed films, has never really appreciated another art form in itself, stunts. Death-defying stunts have been a staple of Hollywood cinema since the beginning of film. Every action film will undoubtably involve at least a handful of dangerous set pieces that are simply too risky for the actors to be doing themselves. Furious 7 is the latest film to weigh into the argument of a separate category for stunt coordination. Vin Diesel went on to say Furious 7 deserves an Oscar for best film, unfortunately thats highly unlikely to happen, but it certainly does deserve an Oscar nod for the crazy action sequences the series is famously known for.

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in Fast and FuriousThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last declined a proposal for a stunts category back in 2011, after a 20 year campaign headed by stunt coordinator Jack Gill. Gill, who has worked in the industry for over 40 years, has been involved in coordinating some of the most incredible stunts in the industry, including Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds, Fast and Furious, The Rock as well as TV shows such as Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazzard. Gill started to campaign in 1991 in order to garner support in persuading the Academy to add a category that would recognise and celebrate the work of stunt coordination teams as well as the stunt men themselves.

The Screen Actors Guild did however add a stunt category to their awards in 2007. The award, which recognises outstanding performances by a stunt ensemble in a motion picture, awarded The Bourne Ultimatum the first prize back in 2007, beating out competition from 300, I Am Legend, The Kingdom and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. But unfortunately, the Academy Awards have not followed suit and do not wish to add another category to its already packed awards schedule. The only time the Oscars have recognised a stunt performer was in 1966 when Yakima Canutt received an honorary award for “achievements as a stunt man and developing safety devices to protect stunt men everywhere”.

Movie star Uma Thurman and her stunt doubleThe work that stunt coordinators do in both film and television are rarely afforded the recognition and praise they deserve. Stunt coordinators design and execute highly dangerous action sequences including high speed car chases and crashes, explosions, fight scenes and any other action sequence that is considered risky and dangerous. The likes of which require extreme levels of preparation, safety checks, and of course the actual mental challenge of executing the stunt. Gill isn’t the only one out of the industry to speak up for awards recognitions for stunt men and women, Jason Statham (The Transporter, Snatch, Crank), who performs a lot of his own stunts, has called for the Academy to recognise the efforts and dangers of stunt coordinators in the industry.

But it isn’t just the stunt men/women or coordinators themselves that are calling for further recognition, but the notion of having an extra category awarding those who risk everything for the entertainment of others include such high profile supporters as Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman, David O’Russell and many more. Having been knocked back a few times, Gill isn’t about to give up campaigning for a stunt Oscar, he will keep trying and attempt to gather more support. If make-up and costume can get an Oscar category then surely stunts, one of the most integral part of most films, including some of the most entertaining and gripping films in cinema history, can at the very least deserve their own Academy Award category.

The Nokia RM-1090 – A look at the new Finnish Smartphone

Nokia was founded in the year 1865 by Fredrick Idestam and Leo Mechelin and until now it’s still going strong. In fact it just keeps improving. In the year 2013, Microsoft announced that it would acquire Nokia mobile business and by April 2014, the deal was closed.

Nokia logoNokia ‘RM-1090’, this phone is labeled with Microsoft and it was seen mostly in China and Taiwan. It has a dimension of 139.9mm x 71.1mm, almost the same replica of the Lumia 830, and the screen has qHD resolution of (540 x 960). You don’t have to worry about the camera since it has 5 megapixel in the rear and front camera.
Here are some lists of applications that you can have fun with in regards with pictures:

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Upgraded Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Costs $35

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is the newest and handy model version of Raspberry pocket computer. Not totally the teeth of an armed model, because it is lacking some of those important hardware like the mouse, LCD/LED display monitor and keyboard; however, it does make up in its specifications for what it lacks in other minor physical attributes.

Raspberry pi 2 model b The Raspberry Pi 2 handheld PC has a wide array of functions that is comparable to your average household desktop computer, but it’s as small as your smartphone. The Raspberry Pi 2 runs on the BMC2836 900Mhz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 complex CPU which is what is being used in high-end smartphones today.

The older Raspberry model which is the Pi 1 was powered by the BCM 2835 and 700 MHz single-core processor that had limited uses and did not performed so well. The newer Raspberry model is designed to actually work like a desktop PC which can work with your LCD/LED monitor, optical disk drive, HDD, USB 3.0 internet router and other peripherals – and the key to this amazing abilities of the Pi 2 is its quad core processor.  In fact, this new Raspberry Pi 2 had been said to be the most reliable sole board computer of our generation. Thanks to the efforts of Raspberry’s research and development team, latest innovations like the Pi 2 was made possible.

Raspberry pi rackmountedThe notable differences between the Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi 2 is its core processor and RAM as the latter now has a quad core 900Mhz clock speed and a 1GB RAM. It allows for a computing performance 6x faster in terms of providing internet connection with HD graphics. Other notable differences include the quad USB ports and the 4-pole 3.5 mm jack (stereo audio & composite video) which are significant improvements from the previous model. It’s good to know that the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B works with most OS (operating system) and among them are:

  • Raspbian
  • OpenELEC
  • OSMC (previously Raspbmc, which will not support the Pi 2)
  • Snappy Ubuntu Core
  • Debian Jessie

Microsoft has also announced that their newest OS, the Windows 10 might be able to support the Raspberry Pi 2 which is a very exciting development, because this means that the usability of the Pi 2 could be expanded even more!

You can use the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for:

  1. Use a Gameboy emulator and play your favorite Gamboy games with it
  2. Create a Media Centre for your TV
  3. Control your stereo via wireless means
  4. Build a download hub
  5. Play Minecraft
  6. Develop your own computer games

Pi2 is hereThe latest generation of Raspberry is still faithful to the old designs and its primary uses has not changed as well; the 5 million+ units that’s been shipped worldwide can attest to that fact. It still does what it does best and that is to function as a low-cost home theater PC, or a low-cost internet server, it’s an excellent tool for computer programmers and for those very creative engineers who can do a lot more with the Pi 2 than text books would permit. As much as its specs are a functioning desktop PC you may not want to use it as your primary or a replacement computer, simply because it was not intended for that use. But performance-wise, this thing is a beast compared to the previous Raspberry models and you will absolutely enjoy it.

Eero Wireless Internet Access Will Cover Your Entire Home

Introducing the latest innovation in wireless communication – the Eero Wireless Internet Access – a white and translucent variety of ceramic ware that can fit perfectly on your palm. It is a modern wireless router that can be installed in homes, offices and schools inconspicuously. Years ago both experts and skeptics had doubts about installing such a system, especially in huge places as schools and university campus as they argue that having dead zones (areas with weak or no signals) might eventually occur despite the wide reach of the wifi antennas.

Eero device to cover your wifi needs However, Eero’s technology has solved all these problems and internet access will be easier than ever as solid concrete walls will no longer be an obstacle to this miracle machine.

There are rumors now that in the United States alone the federal government together with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is planning to increase the internet wifi speed to 100 times over! This speculations was made after scientists were able to boost wireless internet speed to 1 terabyte which people are now calling the 5G (fifth generation) technology.

This term “reliable” is where it allows extremely fast connection which will trash all troubles of your connection you had before; and indeed the device does deliver on its promises! Dead zones, weak signals, or having no signal at all will be eliminated by the Eero device system. This device is so accurate that it will automatically reboot itself that moment its sensors detects any problems that may exist. The Eero wireless internet is very easy to use and all you have to do is choose either the cable/DSL ethernet connection and a power source to plug in the device. Then you’re on your way to a superfast internet connection.

Eero was specifically designed for music and video streaming which is why you will normally get 40Mbps of internet speed or higher. Creating a secured leero the wifi system for your homeocal network is easy and you can do it from your smartphone. Just access the Eero wifi app, create a username and password and that’s it! If you want to invite people into your network just access the Eero app again, then search and select the devices that the app can detect and send them an invitation or they can also request to join your local Eero network from their mobile devices or laptops. No more confusing settings, no more struggling through the tech jargons, just switch on the Eero wifi device and enjoy fast internet in your home or office.

The Eero Wireless Internet Access device has a 1 Ghz dual-core processor that measures 4.75×4.75×1.26 in (121x121x33 mm). Depending on your internet service provider (ISP) and the options available for their internet service, you should be able to get the high-end of the internet speed that they offer. The Eero costs $125 per unit but if you’ll need more wifi power for a larger area, then you can get a set for only $299.

You can watch Eero’s advertisement here:

LG’s Urbane Is Ready To Compete With Apple’s Smart Watches With Its First All-Metal Smartwatch

Buckminster Fuller once said that “you never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.

LG smartwatch color selection Generally, Apple is already a well-known US-based company leading in consumer electronics, technology and entertainment, because of their existing competitive products like mobile phones, tablets, desktop, laptop, television, and other devices. By comparison, LG is a mid-tier contender in the smartphones, mobile devices and wearable technology arena; however, LG has been around since 1947 and it’s not a flower child when it comes to electronics technology.

Recently LG has developed its very first smartwatch and it made a very risky bet with it as they plan to compete directly with Apple’s line of wearable watches! The LG Urbane is a first all-metal smartwatch from LG and is said to have the  look and feel of classic timepieces which is suitable for both men and women.

The Urbane smartwatch from LG“The LG Watch Urbane’s classic design and smart features make it the perfect smartwatch to complement our G Watch and G Watch R, which were designed as more casual and active devices,” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Mobile, in his comment.

Before LG rolled out the elegant LG Urbane, it had previously introduced the LG G Watch and the LG G Watch R respectively, but since the previous designs closely resembled the iWatch of Apple, the marketing department of LG Electronics Co. decided to go in a different direction for originality purposes – and it looks like they did pretty good with that decision as the unassuming Urbane seems to have caught the attention of the world! The LG Watch Urbane comes in gold and silver colors depending on which the buyer would like to choose, and its strap is made of natural leather that’s been designed to match the appearance of both colors. Only the G Watch vastly differs with the Urbane and G Watch R in terms of appearance and design and while the G Watch is typically the type of smartwatch that you’d normally expect – having the rectangular display, digital features and all the look and feel of a smartphone which has been shrunk down to the size of a wrist watch – the Urbane and G Watch R are completely different. You would hardly expect that the Urbane is a smartphone at all! But it is…and more.

lg smartwatch urbane The LG Urbane Smartwatch is powered by Android Jellybean which means that you could download apps directly from Google Play and update your LG watch just like you do with your smartphone. Its core processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip with a clock speed of 1.2 Ghz x 4 as it comes in quadcore packages. It is mounted with 10.9mm/0.42inch thick housing. If you were back in the early years of the millennium, then having an onboard storage of 4GB by a 512MB RAM on something so small as a watch, people would worship you as a god of some kind as this kind of technology did not exist back then and it was still a vague concept at the time. Today, however, this is just a “meh” news and barely makes the world go out of its mind, but still it is such an amazing innovation by LG.

It looks like Apple might be in for the fight of its life, especially now with the new edition of the LG Urbane just got an LTE upgrade!