The Most Outstanding Gardens the Movie World Has Ever Seen

Movies have always been an incredible source of inspiration. No matter what, everyone can say that they have found something relatable at least in one film they have seen. Gardens have always played an important role in movies, simply because they are amazing sources of natural light that is crucial for filming. Here is a list of four most astonishing gardens the movie world has ever seen, and you can definitely borrow some of the ideas for redecorating your own.

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Great Films that Almost Never Got Made: Part 2

The AbyssHaving covered both The Wizard of Oz and Apocalypse Now, here are two more films that were incredibly difficult to make, verging on the point of collapse throughout the course of production, but at least still went on to be box office and critical successes.

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The Endings That Could Have Been

Blade runner posterThe ending is almost the most important element to a film, potentially making or breaking a film. A really good film could have a poor ending which can entirely change the perception of that film. On the other hand, a really good and fitting ending can really cement a film’s place in Hollywood’s finest. The ending is so important that many writers and directors are even undecided when production actually begins, deciding on how the film should end in post-production after filming has wrapped. So what films would have a had a vastly different ending from the one that the audience sees?

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Cord Cutting Basics: Making the Transition from Cable to Online Streaming Videos 2015

The future is now! Internet-delivered TV is here and there’s no stopping it. Back in the day prognosticating pundits didn’t expect the mega success of internet TV (just ask Netflix after they aired Daredevil Season 1), but now companies like HBO, Nickelodeon, Dish Network and CBS are looking to open up shop in this market. TV channels that showcased great events were once jealously fought over by cable networks; however, with the advent of internet TV, they’ve been set free, so to speak. This time there are no expensive equipment rentals, subscription plans and nightmare-ish customer service. Just pure entertainment and just the way you like it.

Cord cutting - Cutting the cable to the traditional cable companies Just a word of caution first though, don’t rush it. A lot of people who had not thought about their decisions well, end up with disappointments; so do yourself a favor and research about cord-cutting and the internet before you make the transition. There are two ways to do things: the easy way and the hard way, and believe me you will want to do things the easy way.

Here are 5 basic steps to cord-cutting:

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The Best of Surf Cinema

With the impending release of Point Break, the reboot of the classic action film from 1991, has sent shockwaves across the internet. The original, starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, went on to become a cult classic.

Point Break - Keanu Reeves and Patrick SwayzeWhen it was announced that Point Break was getting a remake, it didn’t take long for a backlash from fans of the original, saying that a reboot is entirely unnecessary, and it could never compare to the classic original. So we decided to take a look at the best films that have attempted to capture the ‘sport of kings’, the ancient art of wave sliding.

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The Black List – The Best Unmade Films in Hollywood

Every year since 2004, a list is compiled by Franklin Leonard, a studio executive in Hollywood, of 250 of the ‘most liked’ un-produced scripts of the year. These scripts aren’t necessarily the best scripts around, but are voted by over 250 studio and production company executives for the ones that are liked the most by those who read them. At the end of the year, the best unmade scripts are released in the form of a list and sent to all production companies, where the scripts get another chance of being seen and hopefully sent into production.

Hollywood sign

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