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Mad Max Finally Returns in Fury Road, Without Mel Gibson - 2015-05-24 19:50:25

It isn’t often that a film reboot is actually made by the same writer and director, but Australian born filmmaker George Miller decided it was time to go back to the film series that put Mel Gibson on the map. The first Mad Max came out in 1979, in a not too distant ap... Read More

Drive Director Starts Shooting New Film ‘The Neon Demon’ - 2015-05-23 16:16:13

Nicolas Winding Refn, the Danish director behind 2011’s Drive and Only God Forgives in 2013, both starring Ryan Gosling, has announced he is shooting his latest project. Refn’s production company Space Rocket Nation has announced that The Neon Demon will see Re... Read More

New Innovation In Ergonomics Keyboard – Introducing The Buzzy Keyboard! - 2015-05-21 19:04:20

Mastering the art of typing is essential for general office work and other data inputting jobs. When the typewriter was invented, the average typing speed that a person can do is approximately 40 words per minute (wpm); however, the world record speed was held by Carole Bech... Read More

Humanlike Robot Staff Works at Hotel in Japan - 2015-05-20 10:19:54

From history we know for a fact that the Japanese people are among the most skillful, creative and innovative in the world – and they did not disappoint with their most recent endeavor. In the 13th century they invented the most lethal sword in the world called the Jap... Read More

Dexmo Wearable Glove That Lets You Touch Virtual Reality - 2015-05-17 12:19:53

The virtual reality that was depicted in Hollywood films such as “The 13th Floor,” “The Matrix” and “Tron Legacy” has yet to be created, but it seems that its alternative has arrived earlier than expected. The technology is called Dexmo, a... Read More

Pitch Perfect 2? My Money Is Definitely On This One! (May contain spoilers) - 2015-05-07 4:59:05

Ah music... don't you just love it? You can hear it anywhere, even in the deep, deep forest. The chirping of the birds, the rush of water, it can be music to your ears. What better way to fully enjoy music? Hello! A musical movie of course! And even better, it's in A cap... Read More

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Complete Guide to Watching Internet TV

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xbmc free movies and shows install guide

XBMC Complete Installation and User Guide

Discover how to watch free internet TV, movies and shows and set up your connected devices to watch media from the home network. XBMC rocks as the best media player because. [...] Continue Reading

internet tv boxes media streaming devices

How Choose the Best Internet TV Box

Find the best internet TV media streamer to buy, we look at the best independent streaming set-top boxes including Roku, Android TV, Boxee, Apple TV with our full on guide [...] Continue Reading

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Discovery Channel

This is a television website worth visiting as there are many video clips to view. They also provide a nice selection of games that complements the latest episodes of the top programs.   Introduction The Discovery Channel is a specialty cable channel...



HBO is a premium cable television channel. Their website has a few issues with some browsers when using flash. There are many free videos to watch.   Introduction Home Box Office, otherwise known as HBO, is a premium cable television channel owned by Time Warner. As a...



This is a very entertaining website offering a fair amount of streaming video from the latest episodes of the AMC channel. All of the video is fast loading. You will have to put up with the popup streaming video on every page of this can be close.   Introduction The...


Comedy Central

The Comedy Central channel website does not offer a large amount of videos. They do however offer very high quality videos. Each of the videos loads very quickly with excellent audio and are also close caption for the hearing impaired. This is definitely a site worth visiting. ...


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Instant Video is the only serious competitor to Netflix right now. The quality of their video library is top notch and the library itself is rather sizable.   Introduction Amazon Prime is a video on demand service from Amazon, available only to citizens...



This website offers the latest episodes for their programs with high quality video and high-quality audio. These videos cannot be accessed without an off-line cable subscription. You must use that subscription to connect for access.   Introduction The Fox Broadcasting...


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From Cathode Ray Tubes To LED Flat Screens To Modern Curved Television
Samsung To Introduce New All-In-One Curved Screen PC ? Ativ One 7 Curved
Samsung Group seems to have all sorts of new and innovative electronic devices planned for launch ...


Mad Max Finally Returns in Fury Road, Without Mel Gibson
It isn’t often that a film reboot is actually made by the same writer and director, but ...
Drive Director Starts Shooting New Film ?The Neon Demon?
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