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Tim Cook Promises Big Innovation At Apple - 2014-09-16 14:16:05

Shortly after participating in the large-scale announcements of the company in revealing the next generation of iPhones, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has made a ‘rare TV interview appearance’ on PBS’ The Charlie Rose Show, and has started the first of a two... Read More

Virgin Media Roll Out TiVo Update - 2014-09-16 10:02:05

British company Virgin Media, in their continuing efforts to challenge regional pay-TV powerhouse Sky, have revealed an update to their user interface on their TiVo platform that will better incorporate content recommendation and discovery options. Claimed to be the first s... Read More

Telecommunications Costs Likely To Increase With Scottish ‘Yes’ Vote - 2014-09-16 1:55:38

There are many questions that continue to be asked about Scotland regarding their potential secession from the United Kingdom, plenty of them without a definitive answer, and almost all turning hypothetical if the result is a ‘No’ on 18 September, but the major t... Read More

Bang & Olufsen Make Newest 4K Entry - 2014-09-16 1:37:11

Launching their most recent effort in the 4K TV market this week was Danish company Bang & Olufsen, who revealed an ’85-inch 4K’ addition to their ‘BeoVision Avant’ range of smart television sets. The new product, inventively known as the ‘B... Read More

Doesn’t Take A Genius To Mock Apple - 2014-09-15 11:32:36

The fact that they are set to have a huge release of their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus products (which some… people in major cities have already started camping out for) and probably manage to make more money than competitors does not change the fact that it is almo... Read More

Planned Drama Open Is Closed On HBO - 2014-09-15 6:11:04

Premium cable network HBO, always on the lookout for the show that can emulate the success of Game of Thrones, have closed the door on any idea of Ryan Murphy drama format Open being that show. After the success of the Glee creator’s made-for-TV period drama film The N... Read More

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Complete Guide to Watching Internet TV

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xbmc free movies and shows install guide

XBMC Complete Installation and User Guide

Discover how to watch free internet TV, movies and shows and set up your connected devices to watch media from the home network. XBMC rocks as the best media player because. [...] Continue Reading

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How Choose the Best Internet TV Box

Find the best internet TV media streamer to buy, we look at the best independent streaming set-top boxes including Roku, Android TV, Boxee, Apple TV with our full on guide [...] Continue Reading

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Discovery Channel

This is a television website worth visiting as there are many video clips to view. They also provide a nice selection of games that complements the latest episodes of the top programs.   Introduction The Discovery Channel is a specialty cable channel...


The CW

The CW television network provides the latest episodes for more than 15 at todays top television programs. The video is very high quality and loads very quickly. The website is very easy to navigate and free applications are provided.   Introduction The CW televisi...



This websites provide many video clips for the most popular sporting events. The video is of high quality but full episodes must be unlocked.   Introduction ESPN, otherwise known as entertainment and sports programming network, is a cable television channel located in...



There are many streaming video clips available at this website. Not only will you find the latest episodes with you will also find the most popular music videos.   Introduction The MTV network is a television channel with offices in New York City. This channel was lau...



HBO is a premium cable television channel. Their website has a few issues with some browsers when using flash. There are many free videos to watch.   Introduction Home Box Office, otherwise known as HBO, is a premium cable television channel owned by Time Warner. As a...


TV Land

This website offers an excellent selection of episodes for popular television program classics. The video offered is of high quality and completely free to watch.   Introduction TV land is owned by MTV (Viacom) and is related to Nickelodeon. In the beginning they show...


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Sky News Makes American Expansion Through Xbox Live
In an attempt to expand the brand beyond its native territories in which “Sky” is a ...
Destiny Moves Closer To? Release With Live-Action Trailer
The upcoming video game Destiny is expected to be 2014’s biggest challenger to the September ...


4K Blu-Ray To Arrive ?Christmas 2015?
The development of a home disc system to match the latest in TV developments appears to be edging ...
Samsung Reveal Curved Sound
Not in the nature of acoustic architecture or altering physics, but Samsung do aim to soon provide ...


Channel 4 Enters The Blinkbox
Channel 4’s efforts to take steps forward in the number of platforms they are covered from ...
4K Blu-Ray To Arrive ?Christmas 2015?
The development of a home disc system to match the latest in TV developments appears to be edging ...

Cable TV

Virgin Media Roll Out TiVo Update
British company Virgin Media, in their continuing efforts to challenge regional pay-TV powerhouse ...
Planned Drama Open Is Closed On HBO
Premium cable network HBO, always on the lookout for the show that can emulate the success of Game ...
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