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Star Wars Spin-Off and Episode 8 Details Revealed - 2015-03-22 13:56:06

Star Wars Episode VII hasn’t even revealed a full trailer yet, not to mention still nine months from release, yet we are already treated to even further news coming out of Disney. First it was the announcement of the director and release date of Star Episode VIII, Ria... Read More

Ubisoft Creation Assassins Creed Joins the Original Games Becoming a Film – Set For Release in December 2016 - 2015-03-21 13:18:14

With so much speculation, many delays and rumoured cancellation of the project, Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed is finally making its way to the big screen, but not until 21 December 2016. Even though the release is still some time away, there are some details which have e... Read More

Move Over HBO! Showtime is Preparing to Launch It’s Own New Streaming Service In The Near Future - 2015-03-20 9:47:04

Lovers of premium cable TV channels just might be able to stop paying an arm and a leg for their favorite ones sooner than we may have expected. Earlier in the year, HBO made its announcement about its new standalone video streaming service which it plans to officially launc... Read More

Google’s New Search Feature Teaches You How To Bartend - 2015-03-19 21:36:37

If you happen to have an interest in mixology, you might end up becoming a big fan of this new Google search feature. Google has recently added a new feature to its search engine that actually teaches its users how to create and mix cocktails. If you use the Google search en... Read More

HBO is Launching New Streaming Service This April - 2015-03-19 9:36:38

Cable cord-cutting seems to be getting bigger and bigger and now HBO has recently announced the start of its standalone streaming service. Finally, after about five months of talking and planning, the new HBO Now video streaming service is becoming a reality. This goes to sh... Read More

Microsoft Revealed Its New Budget Smartphones At MWC 2015 – The Lumia 640 and 640 XL - 2015-03-18 21:30:29

Earlier this month, at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft introduced its two newest smartphone devices targeted toward consumers who are on a budget. These new budget smartphones are called the Nokia Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL. The Lumia 640 is... Read More

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How to watch internet tv on any computer or notebook with this complete guide

Complete Guide to Watching Internet TV

So you want to watch internet tv but dont know where to start? Then read our indepth guide to watching free tv streams on your PC or laptop [...] Continue Reading

xbmc free movies and shows install guide

XBMC Complete Installation and User Guide

Discover how to watch free internet TV, movies and shows and set up your connected devices to watch media from the home network. XBMC rocks as the best media player because. [...] Continue Reading

internet tv boxes media streaming devices

How Choose the Best Internet TV Box

Find the best internet TV media streamer to buy, we look at the best independent streaming set-top boxes including Roku, Android TV, Boxee, Apple TV with our full on guide [...] Continue Reading

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This websites provide many video clips for the most popular sporting events. The video is of high quality but full episodes must be unlocked.   Introduction ESPN, otherwise known as entertainment and sports programming network, is a cable television channel located in...



This is an excellent website for watching episodes for your favorite programs online. All episodes online are completely free to watch and of very high quality.   Introduction The A&E is a television channel based in the United States. It is offered on both cabl...



It is rare to find anything that is both good and free these days, but Snagfilms is just that, so long as you dont mind your films and documentaries a little old, quirky or off the wall. Luckily a lot of us do. Arthouse and indie film fans can rejoice that Snagfilms exists. Th...


adult swim

The application is completely free to use and download. Some of the games will cost to purchase but the latest video is always available.   Introduction The Adult Swim television channel is based in the United States and partners with the cartoon network. The programs...



If you want a free TV service without subscriptions then Freeview could be right for you.   Introduction The Freeview service offers 50 channels of content on a digital delivery, along with program guide. Freeview is available on all new UK television sets as well as ...



Netflix plainly has a lot of excellent features - especially given its cost per month. It operates on virtually all reputable platforms and offers plenty of movies and full television show seasons. The only fault with Netflix is the somewhat dated content for both television shows and films,...


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Ubisoft Creation Assassins Creed Joins the Original Games Becoming a Film ? Set For Release in December 2016
The Sony Morpheus Virtual Reality Helmet Set To Launch in 2016
The new Sony Morpheus Virtual Reality headset is scheduled to officially launch sometime next year, ...


Samsung To Introduce New All-In-One Curved Screen PC ? Ativ One 7 Curved
Samsung Group seems to have all sorts of new and innovative electronic devices planned for launch ...
Scientists Encourage Governments to Broadcast Free Super-Wifi
KIT Scientists have recently come out urging governments to rethink selling old TV frequencies to ...


Pan Movie Review: Reimagining The Story Of Peter Pan?s Origins
Let?s journey back to when we were kids where our parents would tell us about bedtime stories and ...
The Big Screen Adaptation Of Cinderella May Not Be As Interesting As Its Original Animated Version
Now don?t tell me none of you have ever dreamt of being a Disney princess when you gals where well ...

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For Whom the Bell Tolls: Is Cable TV Nearing Extinction Due to the Ever Expanding Market Reach of Streaming TV?
DirecTV and Disney Strike A New Multi-Year Deal
The previous contract between DirecTV Satellite service and Disney apparently expired earlier this ...
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