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Netflix Wraps Up European Launch week With Belgium and Luxembourg - 2014-09-19 11:26:53

It’s been a busy week for Netflix as they expand around the globe, and in the space of five days they have launched in six European Countries, with began with Belgium and Luxembourg being the final two. Throughout the week Netflix have launched their streaming service ... Read More

NBC Have A Problem… Child - 2014-09-19 5:04:31

In NBC‘s latest attempts to find a new hit show for their network, they have chosen to turn a movie into a TV show, not always a bad move to make. But in this instance they have chosen to make a move into badness, with the announcement that the movie they are recreatin... Read More

Movie Studios Turning The Screw On Netflix VPN Loophole - 2014-09-19 2:20:31

The days of accessing Netflix from outside it’s territories by using a VPN (Virtual Prive Network), may be coming to a close. It’s an open secret that viewers around the world are using a service such as Hola or any number of other VPN’s both free and paid ... Read More

Judd Apatow Will Love Two Seasons On Netflix - 2014-09-18 18:08:22

The latest new addition to Netflix‘s ‘upcoming original series’ will be from the high-profile mind of movie director (and part-time The Simpsons writer) Judd Apatow, who has agreed to have his new concept airing exclusively on the streaming platform. In an ... Read More

Derek Due To Return For Final Special - 2014-09-18 14:30:20

Ricky Gervais creation Derek, of Channel 4 and Netflix fame, has announced that his series is due for a return beyond its most recent second season… for the length of one ‘special’ episode. An extension that would take the show’s final episode count u... Read More

London Live Kept In Line By Ofcom - 2014-09-18 11:54:55

A request to Ofcom regarding a change in network schedule has been denied for start-up channel London Live, with the city-specific station left stuck with their original ‘local content commitments’. After starting in March 2014, the localised EPG-filler for the B... Read More

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Complete Guide to Watching Internet TV

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xbmc free movies and shows install guide

XBMC Complete Installation and User Guide

Discover how to watch free internet TV, movies and shows and set up your connected devices to watch media from the home network. XBMC rocks as the best media player because. [...] Continue Reading

internet tv boxes media streaming devices

How Choose the Best Internet TV Box

Find the best internet TV media streamer to buy, we look at the best independent streaming set-top boxes including Roku, Android TV, Boxee, Apple TV with our full on guide [...] Continue Reading

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Discovery Channel

This is a television website worth visiting as there are many video clips to view. They also provide a nice selection of games that complements the latest episodes of the top programs.   Introduction The Discovery Channel is a specialty cable channel...


History Channel

This is very pleasing websites with a nice selection of educational and entertaining videos. Each video provided is of high quality and can be watched in full screen mode. The video provided on this website is completely free to watch.   Introduction The history Chann...


The CW

The CW television network provides the latest episodes for more than 15 at today’s top television programs. The video is very high quality and loads very quickly. The website is very easy to navigate and free applications are provided.   Introduction The CW televisi...


ABC Family

There are very few shooting videos to watch on his website. However, the video provided is of very high quality.   Introduction ABC Family the television channel in the United States. It is owned by Walt Disney and ABC. They offer a wide range of original movies, f...


Bravo TV

Bravo is a free website that provides streaming videos for popular programs. They also provide a nice selection of behind-the-scenes footage as well as video not offer on the actual television station.   Introduction Bravo is one of the television channels owned by ...



This websites provide many video clips for the most popular sporting events. The video is of high quality but full episodes must be unlocked.   Introduction ESPN, otherwise known as entertainment and sports programming network, is a cable television channel located in...


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Sky News Makes American Expansion Through Xbox Live
In an attempt to expand the brand beyond its native territories in which “Sky” is a ...
Destiny Moves Closer To? Release With Live-Action Trailer
The upcoming video game Destiny is expected to be 2014’s biggest challenger to the September ...


Avatar Prepare For 3D4K Sequel With High Frame Rate
Since originally premiering in 2009, the world has been waiting on a sequel to Avatar probably more ...
4K Blu-Ray To Arrive ?Christmas 2015?
The development of a home disc system to match the latest in TV developments appears to be edging ...


NBC Have A Problem? Child
In NBC‘s latest attempts to find a new hit show for their network, they have chosen to turn a ...
Avatar Prepare For 3D4K Sequel With High Frame Rate
Since originally premiering in 2009, the world has been waiting on a sequel to Avatar probably more ...

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ESPN Announce 7 New 30 for 30s
Having been ...
Virgin Media Roll Out TiVo Update
British company Virgin Media, in their continuing efforts to challenge regional pay-TV powerhouse ...
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